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Ruff Land Kennels - Water Dish
Jeffrey R. (Escanaba, MI, US)
Awesome travel bowl for water

Great water bucket, but big dogs have to come in from the side to get their head in to drink, so needs to be in a big area. Worth 50 bucks not so convinced. I only bought it because I also purchased the matching crate I would not have bought it just by itself

Hale Pet Door

Very high quality and easy to install. Aluminum tunnel is a plus. Rain cap is also a plus that others don’t have. Very happy with fit and finish, double flaps keep cold out. Looking cover that can be inserted from above, left, or right made it fit the area I had for install.

Aeolus Blade & Shear Organizer
Brenda V. (Seagoville, TX, US)
Shear organizers

I love them!

Well made but the design is disappointing

The way the table lowers causes the legs to stick out in the back so I find myself tripping over it frequently which can be a bit hazardous with scissors in hand. So you don't really have 360 degree access. Also the grooming arm is a few inches from the edge of the table which is allows the dog to strain off the edge and only lowers to a certain height so does not accommodate very short dogs. Also don't care for the mechanism which lowers and raises the table, not in a convenient location.


The people that work for company that makes the dryer are all rude. The last dryer I ordered took almost an yr to get and the heat quit working on it shortly after we received it. You may ask why did you not contacted them, it just was not worth my time anymore. I have no hope that this review will even get a response. We would not recommend them.

R. Meyers

This product is very well made. The only two reasons I gave it a 3 rating is because when I had it in my truck bed, on its back like it is supposed to be, water sloshed out as I went over a rocky dirt road, therefore, I lost about 1/3 of the water each time I would fill it up. And I wish it was wider so that 2 dogs could drink at the same time. My 3 dogs are hogs when it comes time to drinking. They don't share well. But I will continue to use this product and I would recommend it.

we really love the pet door!

Excellent crate

I have a small Mazda SUV and needed a good safecrate to fit in it. I looked at several on line and had difficulty finding one that would fit my car with both a front and side door. I travel with my fairly small female GSD but still needed a crate big enough for her to be comfortable. When it arrived it just fit. My dog jumped right in and laid down. She seems very happy, comfortable and secure.

Ruff Land Kennel Double Door Side Entry Dog Crate
Samantha M. (Elizabethtown, PA, US)
Fast shipment/delivery/great condition

The crate came in perfect condition, and arrived much faster than it would have had I ordered from anywhere else. We are very happy with our XL Ruffland crate with double doors. Fits our 80 pound Shepherd/Malamute mix.


Love my new stainless tub !!

Hale Pet Door Replacement Flap Kit for Pet Doors
Eric S. (North Charleston, SC, US)
Hale pet door replacement flaps

Very happy with product, all parts are exact fit to original. Easy for DIY er. Instructions are easy to understand.

Great wall door!

Very happy with this product. Minimal to no draft or heat loss.

Great door option

Purchased the medium size with front/back doors. A nice upgrade to the wire crates we were using and they fit great in our SUV.

Groomers Helper Arm and Clamp Set
Heather C. (New Philadelphia, OH, US)
Life Saver, but an expensive one!

I live and breathe for groomers helper products. Only arms I have found to hold up against a 150lb Newfoundland. The clamp will go out before the arm does, but again, the clamp holds up as well, I just mean that the arm NEVER gives out. I use the whole groomers helper set including the clips and grooming loops. Being a small business, $400 for 2 sets is ALOT of money to spend, especially when the groomers loop set is another $150, but again it will be YEARS before you need a new one, so if you are super serious about grooming and both the dogs and your safety, it is totally worth it. This arm and clamp have saved my skin a few times lol.

Nothing but plain junk!!

Ordered 2 new arms to go on my tables expecting the quality to match what came with the table when purchased, especially for the expensive price that I paid. (Only reason that I had to buy new ones is there was an accident in the shop while remodeling which bent up the previous arms.) What I received looked ok at delivery, although they were white and not silver. Installed the new arms and, unfortunately tossed the old ones out with the recycling. Within one month the white coating began to peel off and rust immediately took hold. Contacted seller and after going back and forth for about 6 months I got no where. No answer on fixing the situation, no discount, no replacement item offered, NOTHING! I am still upset at this as coming right out of the pandemic having to spend $400 was difficult enough but then to get shoddy products is unbelievable! Do not buy no matter what if you do I guarantee you will be sorry!!

Prima Salon Bathing System
Cindy S. (Tuscola, IL, US)
Not what I expected

Well I guess I expected a lot more. It gets the shampoo on the dog beautifully, but that's where it ends. Unless you have several 5 gallon buckets ready to go with mixed products already in them and fresh water.....for the auxiliary line....this is not much of a product or time saver. It's more of a hassle for me to use. also the instructions should have WAYS to use this machine. For example it doesn't tell you how to use the auxiliary line. I assumed it was like the normal line only switch to auxiliary.....not so much, don't hit mix first or it will mix with the main product, I've now wasted 8 gallons of product. I purchased the fan tip for deshedding....I did better with my bare hands and sprayer...I will continue to practice with it but so far I'm not impressed. I'll Probably return it.

Poor Quality Scissors from Loyalty Pet

I ordered scissors from loyalty pet, quality was pretty poor. i am looking for better brand.

Falsely advertised

Pictured with table. I had to select the color of the table. Only the arms arrived and a knob was broken.

Great table!

We usually order a different brand of lift tables, but this time we went with Shor-line. It is heavy-duty and very sturdy. The mechanism is very quiet and the scale is very accurate. I definitely recommend it.

Wahl Arco Blade 10
Audry G. (Washington, DC, US)

They are great blades just hard to come by

dogPACER LF 3.1 Folding Fitness Dog Treadmill For Dogs Up to 179 lbs
Orangeflower (Wethersfield, CT, US)
Great Exercise option

Our Siberian Husky took to this treadmill quickly. He walks on it with no issues. Took about 3 tries and he was walking! We left off the bar and side pieces, as they are not really necessary for the function. It took a few tries to get the pace correct, but so nice there are many options for all different dogs. Our dog is very high energy. Having this indoor treadmill when the weather gets nasty will be a lifesaver. Great product. Super easy to get set up and started. Was very easy to get our 7 month old puppy walking on it.

PetSafe Automatic Two Meal Pet Feeder
M.F. (New York, NY, US)

Often the cover does not open as it should when the timer releases it

Blue-9 KLIMB Dog Training Platform
John P. (Honolulu, HI, US)
Great product

this is a great product for our dog i need to get a pad or something gor the top of it since he slides when he jumps on it

Loyalty Pet Products BootCut Leggings
Cecilia K. (Poughkeepsie, NY, US)

These leggings look so nice on my co worker but I'm taller and they are way too short.

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Snuggle Cup Pet Bed Bomber Gray 14″ x 18″ x 7″ – KH4932
Eleanor R. (Greensburg, PA, US)

Worked as advertised. Cat liked it….using it daily