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Perfect for busy, thirsty dogs

I purchased two of these water dishes. I use one at the beach. It lives on the back of my golf cart so the dogs can get a good drink as they come off the sand. The second lives on my cart at the farm. It's perfect to give my lab a good long drink after working in the fields.

Built well

After years of using cheaper products, found at pet stores, or big box stores, I saw this unit at a party. I found out immediately who made it, and found it on line. My dogs love it and don’t have to stoop to get through the door. Thanks to Pam M. For her great help.

Excellent Crate

I'm very pleased with the crate - it is very sturdy. It took some time to construct it but was not too bad - instructions were very good. I highly recommend.

Awesome Tub

Could not have washed my dogs without this!! It has saved my back and made washing the dogs so much easier..No more trying to maneuver then ..I can just walk around and spray and wash where I need too..What a blessing!!

Enduroflap dog door

well made, the metal could be a little thicker, I made sure it had a plywood platform under it to support our 75# dogs weight, I also added a rubber pad to the floor to make it non-slip. I was surprised how fast Our dogs learned how to use this double flap door. For what it is, I think it is over priced, but it was the best I could find and hopefully it will last the rest of my life!

Ruff Land Kennel

We love our Ruff Land Kennel. The front/back doors make it easily accessible and provides adequate air flow.

excellent product

like the ventilation with 2 doors

Love this pet door!

This pet door is phenomenal! We love it as much as our dogs do and it has saved our sanity.

great product

double k clippers is the best I purchased it from pet pro supply co. great experience and shipping was fast will buy again


Fits my Escape perfectly. Dogs are comfortable and safe

Perfect bed

Wonderful product wicks moisture away from your pet and washes beautifully!

Sturdy, well made

Excellent security door. Installed inside house and secured all the heavy screws directly to wall studs. We didn't want to go outside to lock it every time. Dog door is double flap wall Endura flap dog door, and it fit fine, exactly according to the Watchdog website's size specifications.

Quite the door!

The door has great sealing ability, to the point that it has taken our timid border collie about two weeks (and the removal of all the bottom magnets) to get comfortable traveling through it. We like that about it!

Metal door

Went ahead and got this with the crate, as someone recommended for escapee dogs. I didn’t try the crate without it, but I am glad I got it. It was super easy to install and came in before my crate did. My dog has scraped the inside plastic coating off of it during storms but other than cosmetic- it is still perfect

Works great

+ Looks better than other dog doors
+ The saloon door style makes it relatively quiet while keeping a good seel against temperatures and wind
+ Both dogs quickly learned how to use it (maybe due to being and the see the other side of the dog door
+ The ability to lock it shut is nice

- The plate is a nice idea, but a design that just had thumb screws to attach it would be better.

I can't comment on the installation process, because it was installed by the company we bought new doors from.


I have used the blower dryer to blow out the dirt and dust of my goldendoodle. Because it is variable speed I am also able to use it on my papillon. It has saved me from bathing as often. It works great and I would recommend it.

Great Product

my 2nd dryer from here, 1st one lasted 5 years of daily use at grooming shop. Worth the price.


Bought the double XXL for our 2 Belgium Malinois and they love it. It fits nicely in our 2018 Chevy Suburban. Second seat can stay up even with cage fully extended. Car has tie areas for all four corners for secure fit. We wish it was a few inches taller as we have a 30 inch car height but dogs don’t seem to mind. We watched the instructions on YouTube and followed the written and put it together in 45 mins no problems. LOVE the locks. We got the bumper pad on a deal and if you want to save your bumper get it. It is weighted and best bumper pad design we’ve had so far. We bought horse pads from local feed shop, cut to size and placed on bottom of cage since Mals will eat/chew anything and so far it has worked.

ruff tough kennel

We love the ruff toughs, they have been Siberian escape proof and that is quite a feat.

Storm season

Crate came in faster than expected! I also ordered the extra metal door bc my dog is an escape artist. I really didn’t want to pay the money for this crate- but other than sedating my dog every storm- it was the only option. He has a history of busting all of the welds on metal crates and he broken off a tooth. There’s evidence of him trying to escape this crate- but he has been unable and it’s holding up well. It’s a big relief to have it and know my dog isn’t hurting himself (or the house).

zinger 3000 deluxe

I just assembled my third 3000 for my car. I have three dogs and was using a plastic airline crate for the third. I wanted her to be safe as well so I just added my third to the mix. I absolutely love them. I can open my car up, lock the crates and they are secure.

pet door

The Hale through the wall pet door is an exceptional product everything that it's supposed to be. My standard poodles took to it very quickly. One drawback is that it required a carpenter to install it.

Challengair 560

We love this dryer. It works great and is pretty quiet however they used to have a one hour timer but have changed it to 30 minutes. I'm sure that is for safety but we never had a problem with a dog overheating in one hour since we hang it on an open front style cage. The dogs are not dry after 30 minutes so I have to stop what I am doing and put the dog I am working on away so I can go turn the dryer back on for another 30 minutes. I'm all for safety and if others have had problems with the one hour timer then the inconvenience of the 30 minute timer is worth it. For me personally the one hour timer was nicer though. Still a great dryer and would recommend it highly.