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Pet Pro Supply Co. Reviews

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This crate is phenomenal, very well made and fits my suv like a glove

Great Kennel!

This kennel is perfect for stacking and putting into the back seat as well as the trailer. The side door really gives you a lot of flexibility. Great Price Too!


I love the crate. However, it’s heavy but understandably so. It works. The two side pieces that actually hold the crate open are supposed to fit on the outside when the crate collapses. THEY DO NOT! The holes do not line up to lock them onto the crate. It makes carrying more cumbersome, because now you have two more pieces to worry about.

Very sturdy

I installed this product in my 4runner to keep my dogs in the back. My Weimaraner is not happy about it and still tries to squeeze her way through the sides. I think there should be length options or a way to block the gaps on the side. Other than that, it’s very sturdy, easy to install, I love that I can fold it down if needed.

Very sturdy

We have a 50 lb Siberian Lynx who can destroy a traditional dog crate. We bought the Ruffland kennel so that never happens again!!! Trips to the vet will not be an ordeal anymore!

We like it!

Very happy with the door and if it lasts for a reasonable amount of time, it will be well worth the money. It took a little bit of training for the dogs with the stiffer and well sealed door but they are completely comfortable with it now.

Great crate

A great well built crate. Very well built and a great price

Great Deal

I purchased a double door crate front/back a few months ago and paid well over $100 more including shipping. Tough and lightweight. Excellent product. Shipping was faster and wonderful feedback through petprosupply. Thank you!

Fast Shipping awesome Product

Super fast free shipping was awesome. The kennel is very sturdy and easy to clean!



Excellent Product

This is my second doggy door purchase from Pet Pro Supply. They are long-lasting and well made.

Great crates

Our dogs love these crates. Got the double doors, good ventilation

Gate panels

Heavy duty but easy to install and operate. Came exactly as advertised!

Perfect for busy, thirsty dogs

I purchased two of these water dishes. I use one at the beach. It lives on the back of my golf cart so the dogs can get a good drink as they come off the sand. The second lives on my cart at the farm. It's perfect to give my lab a good long drink after working in the fields.

Built well

After years of using cheaper products, found at pet stores, or big box stores, I saw this unit at a party. I found out immediately who made it, and found it on line. My dogs love it and don’t have to stoop to get through the door. Thanks to Pam M. For her great help.

MIM Variocage Double Big Bundle Deals
Excellent Crate

I'm very pleased with the crate - it is very sturdy. It took some time to construct it but was not too bad - instructions were very good. I highly recommend.

Awesome Tub

Could not have washed my dogs without this!! It has saved my back and made washing the dogs so much easier..No more trying to maneuver then ..I can just walk around and spray and wash where I need too..What a blessing!!

Enduroflap dog door

well made, the metal could be a little thicker, I made sure it had a plywood platform under it to support our 75# dogs weight, I also added a rubber pad to the floor to make it non-slip. I was surprised how fast Our dogs learned how to use this double flap door. For what it is, I think it is over priced, but it was the best I could find and hopefully it will last the rest of my life!

Ruff Land Kennel

We love our Ruff Land Kennel. The front/back doors make it easily accessible and provides adequate air flow.

excellent product

like the ventilation with 2 doors

High Tech Pet Doors All Seasons Electronic Sliding Glass Cat & Dog Door
Love this pet door!

This pet door is phenomenal! We love it as much as our dogs do and it has saved our sanity.

great product

double k clippers is the best I purchased it from pet pro supply co. great experience and shipping was fast will buy again


Fits my Escape perfectly. Dogs are comfortable and safe

Perfect bed

Wonderful product wicks moisture away from your pet and washes beautifully!