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Pet Pro Supply Co. Reviews

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Challengair 560

We love this dryer. It works great and is pretty quiet however they used to have a one hour timer but have changed it to 30 minutes. I'm sure that is for safety but we never had a problem with a dog overheating in one hour since we hang it on an open front style cage. The dogs are not dry after 30 minutes so I have to stop what I am doing and put the dog I am working on away so I can go turn the dryer back on for another 30 minutes. I'm all for safety and if others have had problems with the one hour timer then the inconvenience of the 30 minute timer is worth it. For me personally the one hour timer was nicer though. Still a great dryer and would recommend it highly.

Great product

Ordered the large single door Ruff Land Kennel from Pet Pro. It was shipped to our door in less than one week and is everything I hoped it would be. Would definitely order this product again!

Highly Recommend

The crate was delivered even quicker than I expected. It is great quality and definitely meets my expectations. I highly recommend the 2 door feature, but of course that is personal preference. I have showed it to some of my classmates at agility and they were impressed and are looking into purchasing ones for their dogs as well. I would buy again.

Great product

This is an awesome product. It was hard to assemble and it does not telescope easily as advertised. It could be 2 inches taller. Love the locking doors, I leave my tailgate open pups locked inside the crates while doing quick errands. The designers could improve the separation piece by shearing off the bolts as not to gouge the dog. It’s good quality and works well for my needs.

Groomers Helper

My groomer loves it, me I think it's way to expensive for the product.

Great barrier

Great product, Better Service, Excellent company to do business with.

Great Product

Was not too hard to put together, and seems super sturdy.

Director of Shelter Medicine

Product was easy to order, price was reasonable. Actual product is great, very pleased! The only complaint was a delay in shipping, which is understandable, but it would have been nice for them to give me an updated shipping date. Very satisfied tho!

Double K Dryer

Love it took half the time to dry my dogs they all came out great


I bought this product to train my 9 month old chocolate lab for off leash walks and water fowl retrieving. This product has worked better than expected! Highly recommend!

Great Product

The mat fits the Zinger crate perfectly and provides the necessary elevation to keep dog dry if puddles happen.

Love it

Love the product. Tricky getting the right angle. I feel my dogs are secured.

Love your products, a little challenging getting the legs of the barrier to the right angle, but had a lot of phone help by Nat!

Two large kennels

I ordered 2 large Ruff Tuff kennels, one with left side, one with right side 2 door entry. When I received the order and got them out of the boxes, one was correct, and the other wasn’t. The box was labeled correctly, just had the wrong kennel in it. After numerous communications, the correct one was sent and incorrect one sent back. So far, I love them. Thank you for the free shipping, it is why I decided to order from you.

I totally love these awesome dryers

I totally love these awesome dryers. No more loud dryers! Ease of ears and the dog's ears, so nice.
Quiet, safety measures temperature control measures internal thermostat and timer.
Hangs easily on the cage front.

The only issue it the dryer area must be able to handle the power load as the heating comes on and goes off. I find 2 dryers on one breaker causes the breaker to kick off. So I have to run extension cords to other outlets to run all 4 of the Double K Challengair 560 dryers.

What is the breaker load requirement for each dryer per breaker?
I need to let the building owner know what is required so it does not kick off the breakers at the power box.

Thank you again,

Deborah Coffman

High quality car crate

I did some research on the Variocage dog crate. I recall they crash tested it for all 3 types of crashes. It showed several of the straps breaking, and I thought that was a bad sign. But according to info from a video posted below, the straps are only designed to keep the crate oriented in the rear of your car prior to the collision, after that the straps can break, but the crate is designed to protect effectively. The angled part of the crate abutting the rear seat disperses the force of a rear end collision over the largest surface as opposed to a square regular crate which contacts the rear seat at the point of its corner. The corners of the crate where the dog doors are (I bought a 2 dog medium crate) are blunted- that is to conform to the crumple zone of the back of your car in case of rollover- thus creating its own crumple zone. Lastly the telescoping bars allow force to be absorbed, but still protect your dog inside. The Swedish designers have outdone themselves, The cost is around $1,100 but you get what you invest in. If your goal is to get one of the safest crates for your dog, Variocrate ranks among the top 3 in my research. I picked it over the other choices because it fit into the rear of my vehicle the best. Very satisfied with the product and am confident my dogs have good protection while on the road with me. Here is the video I mentioned:

Great Door but...

The door is strong and I am happy about that. My only comments are that the combination lock is very sensitive and you need to have the numbers lined up almost differently each time, sometimes you have to lower the numbers or raise them to be in line to open the door. Also, I would have liked to be able to pick a different color. Only white was available.

Groomers helper

The day after I received my groomers helper, I used it 3 times! I think it is worth the cost and should have bought one a lot sooner! Would highly recommend


Works great, thanks!

Awesome travel crate

After much research I bought the Proline pro4 as a travel crate for the car. I was looking for a sturdy crate that could protect our pup in an accident, fit nicely in rear cargo space of our vehicle (porsche Cayenne) and be compatible with tie down straps to keep it secure. This crate met all our needs and is sturdily built and stylish. Assembly was pretty straightforward and quick.
Overall very pleased with the product.

great product but!!

I requested a single speed in the comment section but they sent variable speed dont think seller even read or even tried to contact me....I've used double k clipper for 29 years as a groomer back when it was a 501 great product there are a few changes the company could make to make it a little better but I will always recommend the 401 double k clipper

The crates fit both in our SUV and truck with no problem. Compared to our wire crates, the ride is quieter. The process of buying and receiving the crates was easy.

Value for the dollar

attachments for tie downs seem light however overall I like the kennel

Oliver is now safe💕🐾

This crate was recommended by our breeder and I am so happy she did. This crate is more solid and well ventilated than any other crate I have seen. My chow loved it and never made a sound on his first test drive. The design of the crate has also given me more room in my SUV than the one I had previously. I also purchased the mat that is wonderful. Well made and looks great.