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Love this crate!

I waited a long time to get this crate. I wasn’t sure that it would fit in my vehicle but it fits perfectly and my dog seems much more comfortable inside it than the wire crate.

Best Crate I've Owned!

As an agility competitor, I have traveled a lot with my dogs. I cycled through a lot of popular brands of crates but always had issues with sizing and ventilation. I wanted the largest crate for my dogs (border collies) and this Double XL crate is literally perfect. I have it extended to the largest size in the back of my 2011 Ford Flex and it fits like it was made just for my car.
It allows for my dogs to have plenty of space to stand, turn around and lay down. One big thing too is the ventilation, which is nothing like the other big brands I've owned. The escape hatch is an amazing idea and I love that the crate can lock at the front doors!
The crate does not rattle and still allows for me to see through it when using my rear-view mirror. I would absolutely buy this crate again.

Ruff Tough earge 2 door kennel

Needed a kennel that would be safe, fit in my van and handle my growing Belgian Tervuren.
This one checked all the boxes. Thanks..

Good patio door

Great door for the Danes, but really do not like the locking mechanism. I just purchased a wedgit for it instead.

Best crates ever!

Purchase the double medium size which fit into my new Jeep 2018 Wrangler JL perfectly. Assembly went well. A lot better than my previous wire crates and safer for the Zeus & Zoe.

Hale Pet Door for walls

this pet door is awesome! i installed it myself using the instructions included and they were pretty straight forward and easy to follow-thank you for including pictures and not drawings.

Great service

Good communication. Good product

Good Product

Seems sturdy and was easy to put on the crates. Only wish it came with lock washers rather than flat. Looks like it will do the job well m

Worth purchasing

We love the whelping box. It is our first litter. Easy to set up, sturdy and easy to keep clean. Hoping to purchase the add on. The product will last forever.

Top Product

The groomer arm and clamp are top products for any groomer. Sturdy and heavy duty, they can handle most dogs.

New Doggy Door

The new door for the sliders is great. It is sturdy, keeps most of the cold out. Its only problem is that one of our two dogs is afraid of it. We are using the treats you provided to help him get over it. Hopefully it will work soon. He will go out if we manually hold the door open.

Metro Air Force Blaster (Not just for your Pets)

This product rocks and not just for your pets! We use it in the Musical Instrument Service business and it does a great job drying off brass musical instruments after we have run them through our Ultrasonic cleaning process. Lots of power and the air warms up after a few seconds of running which helps speed the drying of the instrument as well. Our Lab likes it after her bath as well! 2 Thumps Up!

Professional Results

I am a novice dog handler/groomer. I have a little Bichon Frise and it is important to get her coat really dry and straight after a shampoo. The Pro Finishing Dryer is powerful, yet light enough you can travel to dog shows with it. Even I can set it up. It was expensive, but I expect it to last.

Dog door

Very pleased with this dog door, has been installed in a metal walkout basement door going outside. Have two other Hale dog doors, have held up very well over ten years, excellent product.

Vinyl Pet Door

Very easy to install into my hurricane slider door. The vinyl pet door gave my cats their independence back! I would highly recommend.

sturdy and cozy

Bought for tra

Quality very good

This product is very well made and easy to install since my handyman did it for me. LOL. . Only complaint: I wish it would telescope to 17” instead of being fixed at 17”.... would have allowed a much better fit.
That not withstanding, very pleased with quality. I left the carpet unglued so that I could remove it to clean.
Thank you for good product, although I had some sticker shock for what it is.

Great dog door, little pricey

Love the dog door, works great! I gave 4 stars instead of 5 because the flap has gaps letting in cold air. I had to put some rolled up tape in the grooves of the flap so it would stay where it was supposed to.

J Scott is the way to go

I received some crates made by J Scott from a friend for my garage and I highly recommend them. Easy to roll out and clean and very well made. for anybody that has more than 10 dogs at a time J Scott is the way to go.


We received our 9 bank Ashley and we are in LOVE! Everyone I have talked with from the day I called was very pleasant and helpful! I received our bank cages quicker than expected! They are just beautiful and we will buy from them again!!! Thanks everyone!

I highly recommend it

I bought the 48 x 48 box at the Samoyed National in 2014. I love it. It is easy to assemble and clean up is super easy too. I highly recommend it. It does not require any tools to assemble and will store flat.

Amazing Whelping Box

Easy to store, assemble and disassemble, easy to move around or slide into my truck between crates for transporting. Easy to clean and the bitches love it. I have difficulty picking up and moving heavy objects but the panels are easy for me to move, and I can assemble or disassemble the box by myself. The only change I might consider making to my custom box is getting 6-foot long ends instead of 4 to have more room for a large litter. We're "big people" and I have issues with mobility, but I can support myself easily on the edge of the box as I get in and out with no concerns.

I give it 5 stars

Awesome collar for the money. My GSP has responder very well to the training collar.