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best dryer ever

because of pandemic it took awhile, but best dryer I have ever own.

Mobile table

We have been using our new mobile table for about 2 weeks and we love it. the only down side is that the charging cord does not disconnect from the table and it is hard to wind up the cord for transport. Otherwise it is exactly what we needed.

Wonderful training tool!

This is our second Kimberly! We really love these as they are a wonderful training tool! Had to get this second one for the youngest pug, Owen!

Too small

Item not realistic for a grooming tub and bad for most dog paws. Expensive and would have to buy something on top of it for paw protection which this grate supposedly was good for.


Great quality, the intermediate size fits perfect in the second row of seats in our ford explorer. Will definitely be getting a second one once our younger pup grows up.

This item works great and it is not very loud at all.

Fantastic Trolley

Love this Trolley. Suits my needs perfectly.
Fast and Free shipping was a plus!!!

Good...but not great

This device is very good, but a burglar can still get in. This needs to be a L shape. ....That will make it impossible for a human to get in.

They cannot contort their body around the barrier if it's an L shape. But a dog can with no problem.

Great quaility

Very sturdy product., My dog loves it and helps so much with training, Have the traction mat and that provides a super surface as well.

Whelping Box

This is the perfect whelping box for my American Bully. Super easy to put together and clean-up is even easier because of the material used. This was my first litter and I can say it looks like I didn't go wrong.

XPOWER X-430TF-MDK Professional 3 Speed Pet Grooming Dog Cage Dryer

We love the dryer. We don't have to worry about dogs over heating now and we can dry multiple dogs at the same time. Big time saver. Can get more baths completed in a more timely manner. I would highly recommend this product.

My service dog loves his tub!

It arrived on time, was easy to put together and fits perfectly inside my guest shower stall. I like to use the warm water from my shower when it's winter but it will work great in the backyard this summer. It's very sturdy for my 65 lb labrador retriever. It's a back saver! I'm so happy I decided to spend some of my Christmas money on this tub.

Well built but not as stout as I thought

Don't get me wrong, I am not unhappy with this. The just of my comment is that I have an old (1923) house, my wall is not perfectly flat and this door flexed with the curvature of the wall. As a consequence the door has a slight gap at the top. Now, in the long term I will probably reinstall it with a custom made frame when the weather is better, which should solve the problem.


Originally bought to protect rear hatch as crates sliding forward as ties loosen. It not only works well for that but covers both SINGLE side-by-side MIM variocages (larges) and keeps my sometimes reactive girls calm and quiet when people walk past vehicle. Well made product. Great price from PetProSupplyCo! It covers the rear bumper and does an amazing job at protecting it when letting the dogs in/out if you have ones that jump in on their own. Very happy!!!!!

Good Shipment

Accurate tracker.

Excellent Choice

As a breeder, this is the 1st time I used vet bedding. It's so plush and holds the warmth. Mom and her puppies seem to be liking the cushion it provides. Definitely pleased with this product!

Great product

Really protects my bumper!

K9 Klimb

Useful, well made training tool. Dogs love it and Pet Pro Supply offers it at a great price. Planning on purchasing more!

5 star

Very satisfied with bathtub and protection plan no more back aches and stress

Great table

Great sized table for any sized dog. Table is made really well! Shipping was also fast and secure.

Love it!

Super strong construction!

Package protection plan

Thank you pet pro supply for offering this. I knew I can feel at ease that what I ordered was in going to be safely delivered.

The Right Choice

I groom and show my own sheepdogs and wish I'd gotten one of these dryers years ago. I chose this one, in particular, because I live in the desert with little to no humidity that causes a lot of static in the coats and this ion dryer helps with that. I'm happy with my choice and found it to be competitively priced to comparable units.

K9 Carry on

I found this to be a really well made product for transporting my puppy. It was light weight and airy for the dog. Unfortunately my dog has outgrown the carrier, so now it’s in storage.