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Hale Pet Door

Hale Pet Door

Bill Hale, Jr. started Hale as a general glass contractor in 1985, evolving it over the years to its current identity of Hale Pet Door.

Through Mr. Hale's experience in the glass industry he became intrigued with the idea of pet doors and began installing them directly into sliding glass door panes. Interest among consumers grew and so did the demand from pet lovers for more products. Mr. Hale was up for the challenge. After almost 35 years, Hale Pet Doors is proud to offer 10 models of pet doors in a variety of colors and in 12 standard sizes, along with many custom sizes and modifications. 

Hale Pet Doors prides themselves in customer satisfaction (for their two legged and four legged customers alike) and skilled employees who want to provide those customers with exceptional products and services. They have been "Making Pets Happy Around the World Since 1985!"



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