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Rhino Dog Kennels
Rhino Dog Kennels

Rhino Dog Kennels designs and builds strong crates and kennels that protect and shelter your pets. They create indestructible shelters for your pet that last a life time. If your pet is able to damage their products, Rhino will replace it free of charge with their warranty. Rhino kennel and crates are durable and dependable, ensuring your dog is safe and comfortable.

Rhino Dog Kennels are manufactured by CageCo. whose focus is providing the highest quality housing systems at affordable prices. CageCo is specialized in containment and transport of exotic animals. As such, the materials used for Rhino's kennels and crates are built and field tested to house animals much stronger than any dog. The use of modernized shop technology ensure your pet has the best housing possible. Rhino dog kennels use ultra durable galvanized steel, which protect and shield your dog, keeping them safe and making it almost impossible for your dog to do damage to themselves or the equipment. CageCo is a manufacturer that stands proudly behind their products, and provides a 3 year warranty to guarantee this.