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Kittywalk Systems
Kittywalk Systems

Kittywalk started back in 2001 with their original lawn pet enclosure. Since then their line has grown to over 45 products and they have received several industry awards. It was in 2004 that they introduced their first pet stroller and started a sensation.

Kittywalk Systems has a portfolio of interconnecting products that work marvellously for indoor cats that want to also experience life outdoors. Kittywalk products have been featured in popular television shows such as the Today Show, The CBS Early Show, The Martha Stewart Living show, The Dog Whisperer, The View, National Geographic Network and HGTV, to name a few.

Kittywalk does their own R&D: their ragdoll cats Archer and Missuka continue to excel in testing each and every Kittywalk product themselves!

KittyWalk Gazebo Yard and Garden Outdoor Cat Enclosure - Pet Pro Supply Co.

KittyWalk Gazebo Yard and Garden Outdoor Cat Enclosure

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