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Kittywalk Systems
Kittywalk Systems

Kittywalk started back in 2001 with their Original Lawn pet enclosure. Since then, their line has grown to over 45 products and have receive many industry awards. In 2004 they introduced their first pet stroller and started a sensation. 

By naming their company Kittywalk Systems, they have distinguish their products as a network of interconnecting products that really work well for indoor cats that want a life outdoors. They have done so well they have garnered the attention of the media with popular television shows such as the Today Show, The CBS Early Show, The Martha Stewart Living show, The Dog Whisperer, The View, National Geographic Network, and HGTV  to name a few. As well as dozens of publications. 

One caution, Kittywalk has seen a growing number of outdoor pet enclosures now on the market that are, frankly scary.  Just because a product is on the internet or in a catalog does not mean it is safe for your pet.  kittywalk systems over nine year tried and true record for safety. Many of the Pet Industry pundits' are loyal Kittywalk customers and for good reason.  Kittywalk products are hand made of solid steel and commerercial fish netting and are fully enclosed. All Kittywalk Products are made of the finest materials available while still keeping the prices affordable.
For literally pennies a day Kittywalk Products offer safe outdoor access for pets who otherwise would not be free to feel the sunshine on their faces and delight in all of the fascinating smells and sounds of the great outdoors.

Their Ragdoll cats Carcher and Missuka continue to excel in testing each and every Kittywalk Product they encounter in the office and at home, as they seem to take their jobs in research and development very seriously. So far so good!