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GoPet CG4012 Indoor/Outdoor Treadwheel for Small Dogs/Cats up to 25 lbs

GoPet - Product #: GP-CG4012

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The GoPet TreadWheel for Small Dogs and Cats allows your pets to exercise indoors or out and even by themselves!

Key Features

  • Saves You Time – The reality is, dogs and cats need MUCH MORE exercise than the average pet parents have time to provide. The GoPet TreadWheel allows your pets to get exercise on their own, when you don't have the time.
  • Decreases Vet Bills – As your pets age, exercise is a key factor in keeping them healthy and in turn reducing future vet bills
  • Prevents Obesity – Recent studies show about 53% of dogs and over 50% of cats in the USA are overweight. Even a moderate amount of excess body fat can reduce your pet's lifespan and increase its chances of early death. A consistent exercise regiment on the GoPet TreadWheel can help prevent this and lead to a healthier, happier and LONGER LIFE for our beloved animals.
  • Works Great in Small Spaces – The TreadWheel requires very little space and is great for pet parents who don't have a ton of room to work with.
  • Lets Your Pets Exercise Any Time – The GoPet Treadwheel was designed with safety in mind with a safe and stable protective matted running surface. It also does not require any power. This allows your pets to exercise on their own, even when you aren't home!
  • Don't Worry About the Weather – Not every day is going to be a great day to go for a walk, whether it's rain, sleet, snow, extreme heat or cold. The GoPet TreadWheel let's your pets get the walk (or run) they need regardless of what's going on outside.
  • Great for Pets Afraid of Treadmills – The TreadWheel provides a great alternative for smaller dogs and cats may be afraid of electrically powered treadmills.
  • Made in the USA
  • Please see our GoPet FAQ page for answers to our frequently asked GoPet questions!

As outdoor spaces are getting smaller and people are working longer hours, often household pets struggle to get the exercise they need to stay healthy.

Now, with the GoPet TreadWheel, gone are the days where owners are required to have large spaces in order for their pets to run freely. The freestanding GoPet TreadWheel provides an unlimited running surface allowing your dog or cat to walk or run for miles on their own.

The treadwheel is especially great during the winter months when the weather may be too extreme for your pets to get proper exercise. To top it off, the TreadWheel is animal powered so no electricity is needed. Many dogs and cats will use the treadwheel on their own to relieve boredom and get some exercise even while their owners are away from home. Best of all, the GoPet TreadWheel is safe, featuring a cushioned, durable matted surface that protects your pet's foot pads. It is a great outlet for energetic breeds and a great way for any overweight dog or cat to get back in shape!

Additional Features

  • Made in the USA
  • For Dogs and Cats up to 25 pounds
  • Running Area: 40" D x 12" W
  • Free, off-leash exercise so your dog or cat can run at his own natural pace
  • Can be used anytime - even if your dog or cat is home alone
  • Provides a physical outlet for high energy dogs and cats and a great way to exercise overweight pets
  • Safe & Stable with a protective matted running surface
  • Easy to clean
  • Mildew resistant
  • UV resistant allows for outdoor use

1 Year Comprehensive Warranty

GoPet covers all TreadWheels and Treadmills for a period of 1 year from the date of receipt. The comprehensive warranty includes damage to product prior to the customer receipt as well as any product faults under normal operating conditions. If the product damage is slight, and can be fixed by a replacement part, GoPet will send the parts free of charge.


  • GoPet Treadwheel
  • Stainless Steel Training Door
  • Running Surface Mat for added comfort
  • Training Brake to adjust varying resistance on the Treadwheel
Product Details
  • Model: CG4012
  • Color: Black
  • Product Dimensions: 44"H x 30"D x 40"W
  • Product Weight: 46 lbs

Model Comparison - Click Product Image to See Product Page

Product Image GoPet Model Max Dog Weight (lbs / kg) Running Area (inches / cm) Speed Range (mph / km) Total Unit Dimensions (inches / cm) Unit Weight (lbs / kg) Features
  GoPet  PR700

40 lbs

18 kg

28"L x 16"W


1 - 7.4 mph

1.6-12 km

 47"L x 26"W

119.4 x 66 cm

63 lbs

29.5 kg

Gradual Start
Remote Control
1 hp Motor

  GoPet  PR710F

85 lbs

38.5 kg

42"L x 16"W


1 - 8 mph 

1.6-13 km

 60"L x 24"W

152.4 x 61 cm

83 lbs 

37.7 kg

Gradual Start
Remote Control
Incline Adjust
Upright Fold
1 hp Motor

  GoPet  PR720F

 130 lbs

59 kg

 52"L x 16"W


1 - 8 mph

1.6-13 km

 70"L x 25"W

178 x 63.5 cm

 120 lbs

54.4 kg


Gradual Start
Remote Control
Incline Adjust
Upright Fold
1 hp Motor

  GoPet  PR725

 175 lbs

79.4 kg

 71"L x 16"W


 1 - 10 mph

1.6-16 km

 90"L x 24"W

229 x 61 cm

 137 lbs

62 kg

Gradual Start
Remote Control
Incline Adjust
1.25 hp Motor

  GoPet  PR730

 260 lbs

118 kg

 98"L x 25"W



 1 - 10 mph

1.6-16 km


 100"L x 34"W

254 x 86 cm

273 lbs 

124 kg

Gradual Start
Control Panel
Incline Adjust
1.5 hp Motor

Questions & Answers

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Question: Will my dog run on GoPet equipment?
All dogs can be trained to use GoPet products. Some take a few seconds and others may take a few days to get used to GoPet Treadmills or TreadWheels.

Question: How do I clean my GoPet TreadWheel?
Any mild based detergent and water can be used to clean the wheel. Use of a soft bristled brush is also useful. Use of pressure washing is not recommended.

Question: How do I clean my GoPet TreadMill?
Any mild based detergent and water can be used to clean the treadmill. It is recommended to use a vacuum to remove hair build up on the unit. Be sure to exercise caution around the electronics, as the unit is not water proof.

Question: Can I use my GoPet equipment outside?
TreadWheels can be used outside, however long term exposure to the elements could cause fading or corrosion. TreadMills are not recommended for outdoor use.

Question: Are there safety features on the GoPet TreadMills?
All GoPet TreadMills have gradual start and stop with 0.5 mph speed increment adjustment. All GoPet TreadMills have an emergency shut off switch on both the unit and the remote.

Question: Can more than one dog run on the equipment at one time?
Although it is not recommended, if your unit is large enough more than one dog could run at a time as long as the weight limit on the unit is not exceeded.

Question: Does the equipment require regular maintenance?
TreadWheels and TreadMills are maintenance free but may, from time to time, require some minor adjustment of the guide wheels under heavy use conditions. These adjustments are simple and directions to do so are provided with the unit.

Question: How can I be sure that I am getting the correct size unit?
See our Treadmill Sizing and Measuring Guide for more information.

GoPet (GP) - Ships Freight from Ephrata, PA

  • Ships in 1-3 business days from warehouse in Pennsylvania. Transit time is an additional 3-5 business days.


LTL (less-than-truckload) Freight is used when shipments are 120 lb+ or for oversized equipment, which results in a truck with a large container delivering your order. Our freight carrier will contact you once your order makes it to the distribution center closest to the delivery address specified, and set up an appointment time for delivery.

Pet Pro Supply Co. Free LTL Freight Shipping - Curbside Delivery

Our standard Free Freight Shipping option for LTL deliveries is curbside, which is to a delivery to a Commercial Address and does not include a liftgate. If your order is to be shipped freight, you will have the option to specify whether the item will be delivered to a Residential, Limited Access, or Commercial address. If there is no option to select a shipping location, then this cost is already included in the price.

We strongly recommend adding the optional Liftgate for all deliveries to locations without a loading dock or forklift.

Freight Delivery Locations

This option specifies whether the delivery location is a Commercial, Residential, Residential Business, or a Limited Access address.

  • Commercial - These addresses are those defined by our freight carriers and/or zoned by local municipalities as commercial sites. Typically these addresses are zoned as commercial real estate or are used exclusively for business. Most commercial sites have tractor-trailer access and a loading dock.
  • Residential - If the address used a residence, select this option. This includes Apartment/Condo complexes and dormitories.
  • Residential Business - Any business being operated from a home, apartment, or other dwelling where people live on the premises is considered to be a Residential Business.
  • Limited Access - Locations where deliveries are restricted, limited, or very far from a distribution center. Examples Include:
    • Place of Worship
    • Restricted Areas - Secure Research Facilities, Military Bases/Installations, Correctional Facilities, Government Buildings
    • Farms, Ranches, and Rural Areas
    • Recreational Areas - Camps, Parks, Fairs, Carnivals, etc.
    • Individual Storage Units
    • Sites - Convention Centers, Construction Sites, Mines
    • Schools and Universities
    • Commercial establishments not open to the walk-in public during normal business hours

Freight Liftgate

A liftgate is a hydraulic lift that is attached to the back of a truck that can lower freight to ground level. Freight carriers prevent their drivers from assisting with the unloading of heavy equipment other than using a liftgate to ground level. We highly recommend any delivery address without a loading dock, select this option.

However, please know that for certain very long items, such as Kennels over 6' in length, a Liftgate will not be able to bring the entire order down to ground level. Please have the necessary manpower available to receive your items with limited delay to the driver. 

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