dogPACER MiniPacer Folding Fitness Treadmill For Dogs Up to 55 lbs

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The dogPACER™ MiniPacer dog treadmill was designed for small to medium dogs from 1 to 55lbs. Its patented folding technology makes it extremely light, compact, and portable.

The dogPACER's onboard computer has pre-set exercise programs, or you can also create custom programs depending on your dog's needs. Side panels help minimize distractions while exercising and their break-away steel design was made with safety in mind, should the dog slip or fall.

There are many benefits to owning a dogPACER (for you and your dog):

  • Saves You Time – It's often a challenge to find the time to walk our dogs for long enough. This treadmill can help walk your dog when you just don't have the time.

  • Prevent Obesity – Recent studies show that about 53% of dogs in the USA are overweight or obese. A consistent regimen of exercise and a healthy diet will lead to a healthier, happier and longer life for your dog.

  • Exercise Anytime – Not every day is going to be a great day to go for a walk, whether it's due to rain, snow, extreme heat or cold. With the dogPACER you can make sure your dog can get the walk they need regardless of the weather.

  • Decrease Vet Bills – As your dog ages, exercise can help to reduce future bills.

  • Saves You Space – The patented folding space-saving design allows you to pack this treadmill away without taking too much floor space .

  • Allergy Sufferers – if you or your dog are sensitive to outdoor pollution or other allergens, your dog can still get his or her much-needed exercise inside your home.


  • For Dogs up to 55 lbs (55 kg)
  • Running Area: 36.6"L x 16"W
  • Folding patented space-saving design
  • Computer with pre-set customized dog fitness programs
  • Running speed - 0.5 to 7.5 MPH (0.1 MPH Increments)
  • Incline: 4.5 degrees
  • Collapsible side panels
  • Reinforced carbon steel frame
  • Warranty - 1 year on all parts and Ccaftsmanship; LIFETIME warranty on frame

Model Comparison:


Max Dog Weight (lbs / kg) Running Area (inches / cm) Speed and Range (mph / km) Total Unit Dimensions Assembled and Folded (inches / cm) Treadmill Weight (lbs / kg) Features
dogPACER MiniPacer Small to Medium Dogs  55 lbs 25 kg 36.6”L x 16"W 93 x 41 cm 0.5 to 7.5 mph 0.8 - 12 km/h 42" L x 21.5” W x 28.5” H
107 x 55 x 72.4 cm 43"L x 22"W x 8"D 
109 x 56 x 28 cm
48.4 lbs 21.6 kg  4.5 degrees incline 1.0 hp motor 
dogPACER LF 3.1 Small to Large Dogs 179 lbs 80 kg   71"L x 16.5"W 180 x 42 cm 0.5 to 7.5 mph 0.8 - 12 km/h 77” L x 27” W x 46”H 
195 x 69 x 117 cm 42”L x 22”W x 9”D
107 x 56 x 23 cm 
 84.4 lbs 37.7 kg Incline adjust 1-9 degrees 1.5 hp motor 


1 Year Comprehensive and Limited Lifetime Warranty

dogPACER is uncompromising when it comes to quality, and offers a full one year Manufacturer's Warranty on parts and craftsmanship. In addition, a Lifetime Warranty is provided for the steel frame structure of all dogPACER treadmills. This warranty is non transferable and valid when the owner registers the product within 60 days from purchase. Proof of purchase is required for all claims. If the product is determined to be a manufacturing defect the product will be repaired or replaced by dogPACER.

Product Details

    Model: MINIPACER
  • Product Dimensions (Open): 42"L x 21.5"W x 28.5"H
  • Product Weight: 48.4 lbs

The following measuring guide is for measuring and determining the proper size treadmill for you dogs. If your dog is younger than 18 months, you may need to estimate your dog's adult size based on their breed. In this case, we always recommend getting a larger size in case your dog outgrows his estimated adult size.

Step 1. Weighing Your Dog

You may weigh your dog yourself by having your dog stand on a scale, or you can hold your dog and weigh both of you, then just weigh yourself and subtract. You may also contact your Veterinarian for your dog's weight during their last check-up. Compare your dog's weight to the treadmill model's weight. It should be at or below the weight limit.

As a general rule of thumb, your dog's weight can be used to determine the best dog treadmill size to buy, based on manufacturer recommended weight limits on each treadmill model. However, some dogs may have longer legs and weigh less, or some dogs may be heavier with shorter legs than the recommended guidelines. Thus, weight alone will not always give you the most ideal sized treadmill.

Step 2. Measuring Your Dog

Next, you will need the Gait Measurement of your dog. The best way to measure your dog is using a tape measure, or use a string and then measure your lengths (see pictures below).

  • Measure Your Dog's Gait Length. To do this, get your dog in a down position on its side and extend the legs, both front and back so they both appear to be reaching. The legs don’t need to be straight out – just comfortably extended. Measure in a straight line from the front paws to the back paws.
  • Provide Wiggle Room. Add another 5-10 inches to your dog’s extended measurement. Consider that your dog may drift forward or back and allow for more room to ensure your dog will stride and change gaits at a comfortable speed.

Step 3. Compare Measurements to Models

Compare your measurements with the running area dimensions. Your dog need the length of the running area to be at least the Gait Length + 5 to 10 inches (more if your dog has long strides)

If you have more than one dog, order the TreadMill for the largest dog, the smaller dogs can learn to run on the larger TreadMill.

Still Have Questions?

If you are unsure of the size TreadMill to buy, CONTACT US with the BREED of your dog, the BODY LENGTH and FRONT LEG LENGTH, BACK LEG LENGTH and the WEIGHT of your dog and we will make sure that you are ordering the correct size TreadMill.


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Question: Why does my dog need a dogPACER treadmill?
Every cell in your dogs body is about movement. Dogs need between 30-45 minutes a day of exercise. The dogPACER dog treadmills provide the perfect solution to our busy schedules. Everyday is a perfect day indoors to run your dog, weather is never an issue. We have run over 1000 dogs and we have found that everyday on a dogPACER dog treadmill gives your dog the needed cardio and mental release in order to live a happier and more balanced life.

Question: Why can't my dog just use a human treadmill?
Human treadmills are built for upright control. The control panel is at a level that a human can easily control when walking or running. Dogs can’t push buttons to increase or decrease speed. We put the computer in the front of the machine at a low level so the owner can control everything when the dog is on the treadmill. Human treadmills also have no side panels, the side panels we have on the dogPACER dog treadmill help to keep the dog focused on what is in-front of them. If they are on a human treadmill, they could be blocked from the front, which does not allow for easy exiting of the treadmill. Human treadmills that are not motorized are not recommended and those with motors can be loud and cause your dog to become scared. We built a quiet, streamlined and safe treadmill that is designed for your especially for dogs.

Human treadmills are also shorter in length than a dog treadmill. The dogPACER dog treadmill has a longer belt to accommodate 4 legs.

Question: I take my dog for walks all the time, my dog gets plenty of exercise. Why do I need a dogPACER?
Here is the deal...A dog has 4 legs while we only have 2. After you take your dog for a walk of a few blocks, now your dog is warmed up a really ready to run. In the wild your dog would travel many miles a day but humans have forced their dogs to spend most of the days laying on their joints and sleeping. Give your dog the daily release in order to live a more natural life. They will be happier and you will see the difference.

Question: Why is exercise so important for my dog?
Dogs are not meant to sleep all day, be carried everywhere or be couch potatoes. Exercise is vital to their health and wellbeing. It is also a great way to keep your dog calm and relaxed while you are out of the house. Exercising your dog on the dogPACER dog treadmill will help them rest more calmly, improves joint health, strengthens bones, enhances mental alertness, strengthens the cardiovascular system and can help reduce vet bills.

Question: Things to consider when starting your dog on the dogPACER
Your dog’s size should be considered when starting them on an exercise plan with the dogPACER dog treadmill. Small dog breeds have little legs that may not go as fast as larger breed dogs. Make sure to start your dog out on a low speed and slowly increase the speed to a speed that your dog is comfortable with. Make sure your dog isn’t going too far forward or that their feet aren’t going off the back of the treadmill. Consult your vet if your dog has any specific physical conditions, like hip, joint or heart conditions.

Combining a healthy diet with exercise on the dogPACER dog treadmill is the best way to get your dog in shape and keep them healthy and happy. With over 50% of dogs in the US being overweight, nutrition is just as important as exercise for your dog. Once your dog has become comfortable with exercising on the treadmill, you can establish a routine for them, and we recommend having a command, like “treadmill” to tell your dog when it is time to get on the treadmill to exercise. Praise is also very important for your dog. Rewarding them for good behavior will help them to want to do what you ask of them.

Question: Is it difficult to get my dog started on the dogPACER ?
We have run 1000s of dogs and most dogs are up and walking on the dogPACER dog treadmill in a matter of minutes. There are training techniques that we will share with you in order to make this process as easy as possible. dogPACER dog treadmill owners from range from young to old and dogs from 1lb to 175lbs.

Question: Is the dog treadmill a substitute for all exercise?
The treadmill for dogs is similar to the human treadmill, in its role in fitness. You wouldn’t simply walk on a treadmill for 20-45 minutes per day and call that adequate exercise. Dogs still need to be socialized and walked outside. We built the dog treadmill to help owners who live in areas with bad weather, owners that suffer from allergies or other medical conditions that keep them from exercising their dogs as much as the dog needs to stay healthy, relaxed and happy. Most of all, we understand that people have busy schedules. More families have two working parents, two or more children and two or more pets. Dogs can run in the morning, while the family is getting ready for school and work or when owners return home and are relaxing by the TV.

Now bad weather, time and medical issues don’t have to affect the amount of exercise your dog is getting.

We still feel that socializing you dog and taking them on walks, running, hiking and other outdoor activities should be a part of your dogs’ lifestyle. Dogs are not meant to be couch potatoes or sleep all day; they need exercise and social activity for optimum health.

Question: I have more than one dog, can I run them all together at the same time?
We have all seen the fun videos of multiple dogs running on a dog treadmill on various social media and video sites, however, this is not recommended by dog trainers or veterinarians. Dogs walk or run at the pace their legs and physical condition will allow them. If you more than one dog at a time on the dogPACER, the pace could be too fast and one dog could get hurt. This also takes away from the focus a dog needs to maintain while exercising on a dog treadmill.

Question: What are some suggested training tips for the dogPACER?
We built customer training programs with the help of certified dog training professionals to help take the guess work out of training your dog. These programs are built into the computer. The dogPACER is also being used to help rehabilitate dogs after being injured or having surgery. The dogPACER is also the perfect tool to help reduce stress and hyperactivity from dogs. If your goal is to reduce your dogs’ weight, we suggest workout intervals, similar to the way human’s workout for fitness goals. You can set the dogPACER to various speeds and incline levels for dogs of all ages and sizes. Always remember to consult your veterinarian before starting your dog on any rigorous training or rehabilitation exercising before using the dogPACER. See our video below on additional training tips:

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  • Add transit time based on map:

dogPACER map

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Excellent Product!

I bought the mini pacer treadmill for my 20 pound Jack Russell mix to supplement our regular walks and help burn his seemingly endless energy. It was packaged very well, arrived on time, was easy to set up and simple to use. And, it takes up very little space which is ideal. The product quality is excellent and it’s so quiet I thought it wasn’t running when I first turned it on. Following the advice of a trainer, I have been introducing it slowly, adding more and more time based on his comfort level and he is progressing nicely. Since I cannot walk fast enough to match his natural pace, it’s a huge benefit that he can trot along at the speed he prefers without mom telling him to slow down all the time. Summertime in Florida means it’s often too hot or too stormy to walk the distance my little guy needs to fulfill his exercise needs. The mini pacer is the answer! I ’m very happy with this purchase and my only regret is that I didn’t get one of these a few years ago!!

Absolutely LUV it

I live in Chicago and have two cavalier king charles spaniels that are 3 years old. I purchased the Mini DogPacer about two weeks ago and we've been using it everyday. It's incredibly easy to use. The reason I bought the treadmill for my dogs is to exercise them for weight loss, and also as an energy release. The size of the Mini DogPacer is perfect for my dogs and for my condo. I introduced the dogs to the Mini DogPacer by luring them with a treat and letting them power walk on it for about 3 minutes. The dogs took to the Mini DogPacer IMMEDIATELY. After about two days I increased their walk to 5 minutes, and then 7 minutes. The dogs are curently doing an interval workout that lasts from 7 to 10 minutes in the mornings and evenings. I'm always standing in front of the treadmill, praising and encouring, "Good girl, you could do it!!". This week, I've started to teach them to jog by gradually increased the speed. Once they are used to jogging, I'll start to introduce the incline feature of the treadmill. In Chicago, it's challenging to give them a long walk outside when it's raining and when there's a lot of snow and ice. Absolutely the best money I've spent and it has been worth the investment.

Love it!

I live in hits 115 during the summer, never cooling below 100 at night. Walking my dogs is not possible for at least 3 months out of the year. This little treadmill is perfect! My dogs can get exercise all year round now. It is the right size for my cavaliers; it has a sm

Very Nice

I have 4 yorkies .. the youngest female has been getting aggressive towards the oldest female .. I bought this treadmill to hopefully calm her down some.. I have bad ankles and can't walk for a long period of time so this was a solution I wanted to try.. there are 3 modes all 30 min cycles program 1 goes up to 3 mph and program 2 and 3 go up to 6 mph.. now being she is a 7 pound dog I think the most (for now) that I would go is 3.5 mph.. seems like it's pushing it.. a bigger dog would be able to handle the faster speeds.. I did adjust the speed faster during the program and it kept running dropping down to the slower speed at the next interval .. looked like it was keeping track of calories and how far she ran with my adjustments.. my only complaint is I wish the program had the ability to customize.. and run it's self without me fussing with buttons every time.. only because I wanted her to go a bit faster.. but it's not the end of the world.. I also put a harness on her and tied a leash to the overhead bar.. she would try and stop to scratch or something and almost fell off the thing until I told her to come.. so the leash was a reminder when it gets tighter .. to speed up.. seemed to help her without my constant reminding her.. I will try and post a video of her going 3 mph.. she seemed to take to it right away only took a few days to be comfortable with it.. her brother will take some more time to adjust to doing it but I am confident he will in a few more days

Mini pace dog treadmill

really enjoy this product as do my dogs. I have 7 Papillons who all are benefiting from the exercise
especially during the winter months

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