Hale Pet Door Comparison Chart

Comparison Chart - Hale Window Pet Doors & Hale Pet Doors for Sliding Glass Doors

Model Name: Standard Panel Pet Door Omni Panel Pet Door Vertical Hale Omni Window Model Pet Door Vertical Hale SpringTech Window Model Pet Door
  • Secures directly to door frame for extremely sturdy, permanent installation.
  • Locks directly to leading edge of sliding door with patio door style lock for added security.
  • Manufactured to your exact measurements with final height adjustment done at time of install with hacksaw. 
  • Slim model, easily removable. 
  • Manufactured to your exact measurements.
  • Pressure fit for sturdy installation.
  • Pressure fit for tighter, more permanent installation.
  • Manufactured to your exact measurements so no cutting is required.
  • Furnished with insulated tempered glass. 
  • Spring loaded for easy installation and removal.
  • Insulated tempered glass.
  • Manufactured to your exact measurements. 
Applications: Sliding Glass Doors Sliding glass doors Vertical single or double hung sliding windows.  Vertical single or double hung sliding windows. 
Price Range: $635-$1000 (regular) or $685-$1050 (oversize 82-96 inches) $655-$1100 (regular)  $595-$990 $485-$920
DIY/Pro Installation: Both Both Both Both
Ease of Install: Easy Extremely easy Extremely easy Extremely easy
Standard # of Flaps: 2 2 2 2
Locking Mechanism: pin bolt lock -- pet door 
level latch -- panel lock
pin bolt lock -- pet door, drop down lock bar -- panel lock pin bolt lock -- pet door, Lock bar included if window is large enough, otherwise window can be screwed closed. pin bolt lock -- pet door, Window can be screwed closed if desired 
Security Cover Included: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cover Sliding Directions: Top load only Top load only Side load only Side load only
Frame Colors: Arizona Beige , Brushed Aluminum , Dark Bronze, White Arizona Beige  Arizona Beige  Arizona Beige 
Flap Colors: Clear Clear Clear Clear
Points to Consider:
  • Narrows people passage more than the Omni Panel
  • Best choice for oversize panels.
  • Does NOT work with Anderson or Pella doors
  • Narrows people passage but model is slimmer than standard panel.
  • Easily removed, great for renters.
  • Work great with Anderson and Pella doors
  • Very secure window model while still easy to install.
  • Held in place with pressure from patented Omni mechanism so no screws are necessary.
  • Least amount of visible glass area of our three window models.
  • Easiest window model to install.