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Poly Pet Tubs Professional Dog Grooming Tub with Ramp

"You asked how I like my Poly Tub….I simply LOVE IT!! I won’t own another tub as long as I groom dogs! So, keep making them for me and other groomers! I am very proud to show my clients my equipment." - Valery A.

Poly Pet Tubs - Product #: PY-PRD48-L
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Poly Pet Professional Grooming Dog Wash Tub with Ramp

Poly Pet Tubs are plastic pet grooming tubs and are some of the most durable and functional dog grooming tubs on them market.

Wait a second... did we say plastic? Yes, we did.

You might think for a second that a plastic tub is low quality, and you're right, most of them are - but not ours!

Poly Pet Tubs use an ultra durable, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) that is a full 1/2" thick. This is actually the same material used to make many of the tanks in fire trucks (which hold over 10,000 gallons).

This tub is very likely the strongest and most heavy duty tub on the market. How strong is it? Well let's see:

  • Our tubs are rated to hold up to an industry best 650 lbs! That's more than most grizzly bears weigh. *Important: We do NOT actually recommend any attempts to bathe a grizzly bear.
  • Poly Pet Tubs can survive a 14-foot drop without damage (we would have dropped it from higher, but our deck was only 14 feet)
  • These nearly indestructible tubs can survive pounding from a sledge hammer

On top of all this, it is an attractive, easy to clean, and because it is an alternative to stainless steel and other metals, it is absolutely does NOT rust or corrode.

Poly Pet Dog Grooming Tub with Ramp - Amazing Features

Superior to Stainless Steel in Every Way

Unlike most metals, HDPE is an odorless and nontoxic polymer that is FDA, USDA, and NSF Approved, as well as RoHS Compliant. It is resistant to many chemicals used in cleaning, such as alcohol, bleach, chlorine, ammonia, and most acids. This also means the Poly Pet Tub does not stain, rust, tarnish, corrode, or even hold an odor.

The nature of HDPE also makes it resistant to bacteria and scum buildup, making surfaces much easier to clean and rinse off than steel.

You also will never have to deal with the loud metal noises that can scare dogs and annoy people. It also won't give your space a sterile hospital look.

Virtually Indestructible

A 1/2" thick HDPE with excellent resistance to impacts and just does not dent. It has been tested by hitting all corners with a 2x4, and dropped from a height of over 14 feet with no noticeable damage.

Better Design = Less Mess and an Easier Bath

The splash walls are made higher than most other tubs to contain both hair and water, and double drains provide significantly better drainage than other tubs. Drainage holes are also recessed so that they are flush with the tub floor. On top of this, the mat was designed with enough space around it to eliminate hair being trapped between the tub and grate

Two included restraint bars are designed for attachment of nooses (included) in 5 different points on each bar, this allows you to better position any dog during the bath. The bars was also designed to prevent large and uncooperative dogs from sitting. You simply put an arm underneath the dog in front of the hind legs and hold on to the bar.

Superior Accessories Included at NO Extra Charge

  • Floor Mat: An extra durable (stain and scuff resistant) and eco-friendly rubber mat, prevents sliding by providing comfortable and secure footing for your dog. The 1/2" thick mat not only exceeds ADA standards for traction, but also allows for debris to run off so the animal is not standing in dirty water. It is superior in every way to expensive floor grates
  • Ramp: A ramp with side railings that makes it strong and helps dogs feel more comfortable when walking on it. The angle of the ramp is also gradual enough for even the most nervous dogs. The rubber matting is thick enough (1/4") to make it safe and easy for any dog. As a BONUS, the ramp can be easily removed as needed and used as a platform for small dogs inside tub or outside the as a grooming or accessory table
  • Door: A quiet door that seals perfectly to prevent any leakage, and is also shaped uniquely to allow easier dogs to enter and exit with ease. A quiet open and close also makes sure you don't scare any skittish dogs!

Poly Pet Tub w/ Ramp - Product Details

Included with Every Ramp Tub

  • 1/2" thick rubber floor mat and holders
  • 2 restraint bars
  • Choice of left or right double drain holes
  • Faucet holes (on drain side) are available in 8" centers, 4" centers, or no holes
  • 2 sizes of adjustable bathing nooses
  • Tub door
  • Standard or Hinged Ramp 
    • Standard ramps can also be used as small-dog platform and grooming or accessory table 
    • Hinged ramps can conveniently roll underneath the tub for storage (see video below)

48" Ramp Tub Dimensions

  • 48" Long
  • 24" Wide
  • 40" Tall (back and side splash walls)
  • 14" Front Splash Wall.
  • Ramp is 34" x 13-1/2"

48" Hinged-Ramp Tub Dimensions

  • 48" Long
  • 24" Wide
  • 40" Tall (back and side splash walls)
  • 14" Front Splash Wall.
  • Ramp is 35" x 13-1/2"
  • Includes ramp that rolls underneath tub

58" Ramp Tub Dimensions

  • 58" Long
  • 28" Wide
  • 40" Tall (back and side splash walls)
  • 14" Front Splash Wall.
  • Ramp is 34" x 13-1/2"

58" Hinged-Ramp Tub Dimensions

  • 58" Long
  • 28" Wide
  • 40" Tall (back and side splash walls)
  • 14" Front Splash Wall.
  • Ramp is 35" x 13-1/2"
  • Includes ramp that rolls underneath tub

Optional Accessories package includes:

  • Top-of-the-line, T&S Brass Spray Unit (faucet, sprayer, hose, vacuum breaker, sprayer holder). 
  • Faucet installation kit (Solid brass nipples, locknuts, washers, elbows)
  • Plumbing Kit:
    • 2 stainless-steel drains with strainers
    • connecting drain pipe for both drains

Other Accessories to add with tub:

Watch a Poly Pet Tubs being thrown off a 14-foot high deck, don't try this at home. 

Poly Pet COMPREHENSIVE 10-Year Warranty:

Poly Pet Tubs not only has an industry BEST 10 Year Warranty, but also includes ONSITE repairs for 3 years, and NO shipping costs for 5 years! Read more about the details of the warranty here: Poly Pet Tubs Comprehensive 10 Year Warranty Details

Note that this item is made on-demand for each order, so your order may experience longer than usual shipping times. If you need your item sooner than 2-3 weeks or are working within tight deadlines, please give our team a call at 1-855-PET-PRO-1 to discuss your options.

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  • Please allow 2-5 business days for actual shipping time.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Simply Amazing

I love these tubs for my staff and for my Self-Serve clients - painless cleaning! You can feel the quality.

I’ll be telling everyone about them

“I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the tubs! They are just wonderful—really, really nice! I’ll be telling everyone about them.”

nicest on the market

We discovered your tub by talking with a groomer who just opened her shop and bought one and loves it. We agree that they’re the nicest on the market.


“You asked how I like my Poly Tub….I simply LOVE IT!! I won’t own another tub as long as I groom dogs! So, keep making them for me and other groomers! I am very proud to show my clients my equipment.”


“I LOVE THEM!!!!! If this takes off I’ll put another one where my mirror is now just for me. The reaction has been fantastic. A few of the area groomers have been in and had never seen your tubs and they all loved them. Great product and I’d be happy to recommend them to anyone.”

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