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Perimeter Technologies PTPWF-100 Wire-Free WiFi Dog Fence

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The Perimeter Technologies Wire-Free PTPWF-100 uses the latest digitally encoded Wi-Fi signal technology used in advanced wireless communications.

Unlike dated fencing technology, the Wire-Free Smart Station and Pet Link collar are both connected by Transceivers – highly integrated signal chips that constantly links the distance between your dog and the Smart Station. Wire-Free intelligently tracks the location of your dog at all times, reminding her to respect the established boundary safe area, all while communicating critical safety information back to you.

Wi-Fi Transceiver Collar

  • Width = 2.5"
  • Height = 1.5"
  • Depth = 1.25"
  • Weight = 2.3 Ounces

    Settings = 8 Selective Levels to Fine tune your System for each Dog.
  • Setting 1 - Tone Only Warning
  • Setting 2 - 8 - Progressively Stronger Static Correction Per Level

    Green - Rechargeable
    Includes Battery Charger which is built-in the Transmitter - Base Smart Station. Simply place a rechargeable battery in the Collar, and one in the Transmitter - Base Smart Station. The Base Smart Station monitors the Charge level of the Battery in the Collar. When the battery in the collar gets low, simply take the Fully Charged Battery from the Base Smart Station and replace the battery in the collar. No Need for High Cost of replacement Batteries. Battery charge is within 3 - 4 hours.

    While one of the 2 Free Rechargeable Lithium Batteries in the Smart Base Station, when it is fully charged it will act as a battery backup for 8 hours should the house hold power go out. This safety feature allows for continual safe operation and containment of your dog.

    How It Works: The Wi-Fi Collar Transceiver is the Most Advanced collar available. It is extremely small at 2.5" in width, 1.5" in tall and only 1.25" deep. It only weighs an astonishingly small 2.3 ounces, yet is packed with the most advanced electronics ever. The Wi-Fi Collar Transceiver offers more customized options than any other collar. The collar can be pre set at one of 4 static settings, and then setting 5 which offers Progressive Correction. When approaching the preset boundary the collar emits a warning tone. If your dog continues to approach the boundary the pre set correction level will be triggered. If you have selected setting 5 then Progressive Correction will be triggered. Progressive Correction starts at the lowest level then if your dog continues toward the boundary the internal micro chip will continually increase the correction level based on the speed your dog is approaching the boundary and the distance your dog is away from the boundary. This calculated increase in correction offers the utmost deterrent to your dog leaving the safe containment area, providing you peace of mind. Remember, unlike any other system, you can monitor this from your Smart Wi-Fi Base Station. Remember each collar can be independently programmed to allow you to customize your system for the temperament of each dog. Should your dog leave the Safe Zone the Correction will halt after 30 seconds.

    It's not just wireless. It's Wi-Fi. It's not just the evolution of the dog fence, it's a quantum leap. Past wireless fence systems there was the burden of laying out the perimeter of the fence and the hassles of burying the wire border. Users of this type of system know what it is like for the wire to break in the occasional gardening accident. The WIFI Rechargeable Dog Fence System eliminates any use of a border wire and has a range of 2 1/2 acres. This Wire-Free Dog Fence is totally portable! You can take it with you while visiting friend and family. Just think of the less hassles when you move into another home. Your WIFI r rechargeable dog fence can be up in running in minutes compared to the weekend project with other wireless systems. The Perimeter WIFI Rechargeable Dog Fence System is the only Dog Fence you will ever need.

    The Only one of it's kind of the market, Wire-Free Pet Fence uses the latest digitally encoded Wi-Fi signal technology used in advanced wireless communications. Unlike dated fencing technology, the Wire-Free Smart Station and Pet Link collar are both connected by Transceivers - highly integrated signal chips that constantly links the distance between your dog and the Smart Station. Wire-Free Pet Fence intelligently tracks the location of your dog at all times, reminding her to respect the established boundary safe area, all while communicating critical safety information back to you.

    Introducing Wire-Free Dog Fence - the first and only Wi-Fi Fence for pets. WIFI dog fence utilizes the latest fully integrated transceivers used in advanced asset tracking applications. Pet lovers can now have a pet fence that gives them freedom from the hassles of buried wires and the worry of roaming.

    Although wireless pet fencing has been available for over a decade, the wireless technology has gone through little or no changes in that time, which is unusual given the rapid advancements in technology that industries such as entertainment and communications have enjoyed. The all new Wire-Free - Wi-Fi dog fence changes everything. Employing the hottest micro-chip transceiver set, Wire-Free pet fence operates on what has now become a very familiar 802.15 wireless communication protocol used in all the new cool electronic products. New technology makes our lives more convenient, keeps us better connected and now makes owning a Wire-Free pet fence easier and pets safer than ever before.

    It all starts with the advanced Wire-Free SmartStation which continually communicates with the pet's fencing collar to track their distance from a defined safe boundary around a home's yard. The Smart Station is ten times smaller and produces three times the useful safe area for the pet to run compared to that of traditional wireless pet fence transmitters.
  • Product Details
  • Model: PTPWF-100
  • Product Weight: 2.3 lbs
  • Includes
  • Transmitter - Base Smart Station
  • Collar Transceiver
  • AC Transformer
  • Instruction Manual
  • Probe set with Comfort Contacts
  • 2 Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
  • 50 Boundary Flags
  • Questions & Answers

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    • How strong of wi fi signal for country setting?

      Hello, the Perimeter WiFi Dog Fence has a range of 2 1/2 acres. 



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Perimeter 2 Dog WIFI

    I've had our WIFI 2 dog system for about a year now and it works great! We did have an issue at first with the base. It would stop reporting one of the collars after about 60’. We talked to the support person several times and finally decided it was a defective collar. Got the replacement collar and it did the same thing. They then replaced the base unit and it’s been working fine ever since. If you have an issue like that and the support person tells you it’s because of where the unit is placed, don’t bother putting the base unit somewhere else in the house just take it outside (clear line of sight) and test it.

    It was quite a challenge to get it set up properly. If you have relatively flat ground, the setup would be a snap but our property drops 25' at a steep angle just behind our house. The only reason I went with this product was that I thought it might handle our terrain. The old style wireless system will not handle hills. There is a creek in the ravine behind our house that I wanted the dogs to be able to play in. By the way, the collars are water proof. I spent several days trying the system in various spots in our house. I finally found a high spot in our 2nd story that worked perfectly. Our dogs can play in the front yard and behind the house in the ravine. If you have hilly terrain and your unit is not working quite right, keep moving the base around in your house. In our case just a few feet made all the difference!

    If you follow the instructions for training your dog, you will not have any problems. Don't take shortcuts! It takes a week or two for your dog to be trained. Just be patient.

    If your dog(s) will be in the water, be sure that the battery compartment screw cap is not cross threaded and is screwed down tight.

    Effective, but loud.

    Product was very simple to set up and does effectively keep the dog in the yard. On the bad side, however, it beeps incessantly when it loses reception which is at least 2 or 3 times daily. Also, you have to rotate the batteries often into the collar. This is not expensive like it would be in other systems that you buy replacement batteries, because the batteries are rechargeable, but it is a bit of a nuisance. Still glad we purchased it, because it saved us from having to dig a trench around or 2.5 acres for the third time putting down an in ground system. Just wish it got better reception.

    Great WIFI find

    We use it every time our 90lb chessie goes outdoors. He knows the range he allowed to go, he will test every so often. The different shock levels are good to have, and it covers a large or small amount of area. I can cover 10 feet to 100 feet depending on what I need

    I bought this product again

    keep your dog in its own yard without having to dig up yard to put fence in.

    Works Wonders

    This wifi fence works better than my previous wireless fence, loved the wifi!

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