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Endura Flap® by Patio Pacific - Panel 3e Sliding Door Pet Door

Endura Flap® by Patio Pacific - Product #: 01PPC06-PB
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Thermo Panel 3E (IIIE), the best pet door for sliding glass doors & patio doors - for both dogs and cats!

The Patio PacificThermo Panel IIIE Pet Door with the Endura Flap is a dual pane sliding door pet door, that uses low 'E' glass.

This design is ideal for places with more extreme weather because it can help to retain heat in a house in a freezing blizzard, or conversely, keep the cold air in during hotter days. The dual pane, low 'E' glass also minimizes and sometimes even eliminates condensation on the glass.

The Thermo Panel 3E also features the award winning Endura Flap Pet Door, the ONLY pet door design that has won the Dog Fancy and Cat Fancy Publication's Editors' Choice Award for Creativity and Innovation.

There are so many reasons why the Endura Flap is a superior product to any other doggie door or cat door on the market. Click here to find out more about the Endura Flap by Patio Pacific.

This Thermo Panel IIIe model is identical to the Quick Panel III. Both are dog doors for sliding glass doors, but the other Quick Panel model uses a single pane glass, which is less effective for extreme climates.

We also highly encourage including a Bug Warden along with all Patio Pacific Sliding Glass Pet Doors. This patented unique product helps to block any unwanted insects from getting into your home, eliminating the undesirable "bug gap" between the panels in your door.

Need help finding the best Endura Flap Thermo Panel Pet Door size? Don't hesitate to call or email us. We'll help find the right size for your cat or doggie!

Endura Flap Thermo Panel Sizing Information:

Here are steps to size your pet for the ideal flap size:

  1. Cut a hole in a piece of cardboard the same size of the flap that you think would fit best. It's best to start smaller, because you can always cut a larger hole.
  2. Have your dog or cat walk through the cut out hole (use treats if necessary). You can try placing the cardboard in the opening of a door so they have to walk through the hole to get to the treat.
  3. If the hole is too small, try cutting a hole for a larger size and/or order one size up.
  4. If your dog is able to get through easily, check and record the step over height (height from floor to bottom of the opening) works best for your pet. This will be the height you install the opening at for your pet.

Click on the Sizing & Measuring tab for more details on how to measure the right size for your pet.

Additional Thermo Panel Considerations

There are quite a few issues that might be important for you to think about in purchasing any panel pet door. Begin with key points to get a quick overview of the most important ones. Then read the information on the patio panel FAQ page which cover the fine points of patio pet doors.

Themo Panel 3e and Endura Flap Fit and Dimensions

Thermo Panel 3e Fits any Sliding Glass Door with a minimum track width 1"

Flap Size Flap Dimension Step Over Range Overall Panel Width Stock No
Small #6 6" w x 11" h 3"-5" 11 1/4" 01PPC06
Medium #8 8" w x 15" h 3"-5" 13 1/4" 01PPC08
Large #10 10" w x 19" h 3"-5" 15 1/4" 01PPC10
Extra Large #12 12" w x 23" h 3"-7" (ships at 5") 17 1/4" 01PPC12

Height Options

  • P - 74 3/4" - 77 3/4"
  • Q - 77 1/4" - 80 1/4"
  • R - 93 1/4" - 96 1/4" (Oversize Range)

Note: Larger Endura Flaps are not recommended for use by kittens or tiny dogs. Cats have been successful using the Small #06, however a few have found the Medium #08 difficult to use. We would not recommend using the Large #10 or Extra Large #12 or any of the double flap versions for cats. 

Patio Pacific Thermo Panel 3E Key Features

Easy Installation - Patio Pacific manufactures the Pet Door for sliding glass panel doors that does not require tools or a drill to install. It also features an easy to use and unique user adjustable step-over to adjust to the pet door opening to any height that your little fur babies might need

Built-in Room for Measurement Errors (aka "Anti Whoops" Feature) - In the event that your measurements are off by a little bit, you have the chance to save the situation by using the "anti-whoops" feature. This allows which allows for 3/4" change in adjustment range to accommodate accidental measuring errors.

Keep Your Home Safe and Secure - The Thermo-Panel IIIe includes an easy way to lock any sliding door as well as a secure metal frame and a sturdy locking pet flap cover. The sturdy locking cover comes with every Endura Flap pet door, and has been designed to have a strength equivalent to 1/16" steel plate.

Designed to Be Safe for Your Pets - The patented flexible nature of the Endura Flap is far safer than other pet door with a rigid door designs. This is because it removes any of the flap pinching or snagging on your dog or cat, in the event they pull back quickly while walking through the door (this can happen if he/she gets scared while walking through)

Superior Insulation - The Endura Flap combines dual-pane glass, which offers superior insulation for greater energy efficiency. This means you will save money on energy bills unlike the majority of pet doors on the market that have little to no protect against hot or cold weather.

Built to Last - The cost of replacing the flaps on most cheap pet doors often exceeds the original cost of the door. Most pet door flaps, it begins to split, wear, and eventually breaks. However, the Endura Flap uses a unique pivoting design, to avoid wear and breakage. It is so well designed that the manufacturer has an industry best 15 year warranty!

Environmentally Friendly - The Endura Flap is made using non-toxic, recyclable, and green for the environment a polyolefin-based polymer (similar to material used in food storage containers). Unfortunately, most pet doors are made with PVC, or vinyl, which is very harmful to the environment. 

Superior Design and Functionality - There are so many reasons why the Endura Flap is such a superior performing pet door. For those looking for even more technical information there has even been a 74-page dog door energy efficiency study showing exactly what features make it the absolute best.

Patio Pacific Endura Flap Pet Door 15 Year Comprehensive Warranty

To the original purchaser, Patio Pacific Inc warrants this product and all of its component parts to be free of defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 15 years from the date of delivery to the customer. Find out more here: Patio Pacific Endura Flap Warranty Terms & Details

Product Details

  • Manufacturer - Patio Pacific Inc
  • Your Maximum Pet Size - Cats, Large Cats, Small Dogs, Medium Dogs, Large Dogs, X-Large Dogs
  • Climate Suitability - Severe-4 Season
  • Sealing Value - Very High
  • Wind Resistance - Very High
  • Type of Window - Sideways Sliding
  • House Locking Method - C-Clamp Lock
  • Frame Material - Heavy Extruded Aluminum
  • Custom Heights Available - Yes
  • Can Fit Sideways Sliding Windows - Yes
  • Track Width Minimum - 1"
  • Built-In Adjustment For Small Measuring Errors - Yes
  • Tools Required For Installation - None
  • Patented User-Adjustable Step Over Height - Yes
  • Employs Patented Endura Flap? - Yes
  • Insulation Value - High
  • Possible to Add Additional Magnets for Greater Wind Resistance - Yes
  • Flap Material - Engage
  • Flap Design - Single, One Part , Flexible, Insulated Flap
  • Flap Colors - Clear
  • High Aspect Ratio - Yes
  • Flap Thickness - 7/8"
  • Award Winning Design - Yes
  • Flap Warranty (if separate) - 15 years
  • Locking Cover Material - Dimensional ABS
  • Can Be Installed In - Single Pane Glass Sliding Glass Door, Dual Pane Glass Sliding Glass Door, Vinyl-Framed Sliding Glass Door
  • Dual or Single Pane - Dual Pane
  • Low "E" Coating - Yes
  • "Draft Stopper" Included to Seal Stationary & Sliding Panel Overlap - Yes
  • Warranty Period - 10 years

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 58 reviews
    Good patio door

    Great door for the Danes, but really do not like the locking mechanism. I just purchased a wedgit for it instead.

    New Doggy Door

    The new door for the sliders is great. It is sturdy, keeps most of the cold out. Its only problem is that one of our two dogs is afraid of it. We are using the treats you provided to help him get over it. Hopefully it will work soon. He will go out if we manually hold the door open.

    Great door that works as advertised

    This product far exceeded my expectations. Well engineered, quality build and excellent materials. A lot of thought went into this door. it works. Not too many folks live in a harsher winter area than me. This door works for my 15 year 65 lb lame old dog and keeps the cold out. A lot of money for a dog door but worth every penny.

    Pet door just what I needed!

    To be fair, I am a bit biased re: the Endura flap pet door. I ordered one more than 10 years ago and never had a problem with it. And, no, I never had to replace the flap. So, when I moved recently and needed a shorter door I knew just where to go. The one bit of advice I would give it that you measure carefully. The best way to do that is to just measure the height of your patio door. Mine was right at the margin between two sizes. If you find yourself in that position then order the next largest. The top of the panel is adjustable so everything will work out fine. Installing it took me less than 5 minutes. The panel is one piece so there is nothing to put together. The new door is dual paned (the old one wasn't) so bonus!

    Very well made pet door

    There was a lot of information and advice on training our beagle to use the pet door. We have a very timid rescue dog so it took lots of treats ad removing the magnets at first, but now she comes and goes with no problem.

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