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MIM Variogate - Safety Engineered Dog Gate for Cars

MIM Construction - Product #:

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Back Order Note: Variogates are currently out of stock in all of North America. You may back order now to reserve these sizes at the current sale price. We will be back in stock and ready to ship them, on July 23.

MIM Variogate

Now available in North America for the first time! Designed, engineered and produced by MIM Construction AB in Sweden, manufacturer of the world’s only Crash Tested Dog Crate – the Variocage.

The MIM Variogate transforms your cargo area into a spacious, safe and secure environment for transporting pets. While giving you the versatility to use your cargo area, when not traveling with them.

When used with a cargo barrier, such as our Crash Tested MIM Safe VarioBarrier, the Variogate will create a safe and secure containment area for your loved ones. The Variogate/VarioBarrier is ideal for situations in which a Variocage will not fit in a cargo area, or you need the flexibility to use the cargo area when not transporting your pets.

Key Features

Product Details
Size Variable Height Variable Width Variable Depth Shipping Weight Instructions
Variogate Universal 24.40" - 37.79" 37.59" - 43.5" 23.62" - 51.18" 57.32 lbs Variogate Instructions
Size and Measurements in Inches

Use the Instructions Below to Determine the Right Variocage for Your Dogs & Vehicles

PLEASE NOTE: If you have any questions at all about measuring or sizing, please Contact Us! We cannot guarantee a return if the incorrect size Variocage is chosen without our recommendations.

Step 1 - Measure Your Dog

Measuring Your Dog

To properly measure your dog:

A. Measure the length of your dog, from the tip of the nose to the rump or base of the tail, then add 3 inches to the measurement. The calculated length should be at or shorter than the Variocage's max length.
B. Measure the height of your dog, from floor to the top of the withers (high spot on the back above the shoulders), then add 3 inches to the measurement. The calculated height should be at or shorter than the Variocage's height.

It is important to measure your dog first before measuring your vehicle. Proper fit for your dog is vital to your dog’s comfort and safety. Here are some helpful hints when measuring your dog for a Variocage.

Step 2 - Measure Your Vehicle

The MIM Variocage is suitable for use in Station Wagons, Crossovers, Minivans, Vans, and SUV's. The Variocage is also angled towards the top on both the front and the back of the cage and is adjustable in length so it can fit in a variety of vehicles. The slope of the front and back of the cage is approximately the same as the slope of the backseat of most vehicles.

The roof of the cage is shorter in length than the floor in consideration of the angle of the back seat, as well as the angle of the rear entryway door. Measuring length as indicated above will provide for a proper fit in almost all suitable vehicles. The roof of the cage is also narrower in width than the floor to allow for a proper fit in almost all suitable vehicles.

Proper Technique for Measuring Your Vehicle

Check to see if your car has a raised sill at the rear cargo entrance. If the sill is raised, you should put something flat under the cage so its doors can open correctly. We recommend rigid foam board insulation to minimize interference with your car’s crumple zone. The floor of the cargo area should be flat.

You may also use the manufacturer's Vehicle configurator below.

Vehicle Configurator

This vehicle configurator is based on European model vehicles which may differ slightly than American car models. Very few American vehicle models are included. You may use this configurator as a point of reference, however we absolutely recommend you double check the measurements of your vehicle to find the best sized Variocage.

Complete Variocage Dimensions

Variocage Assembly Guides

Variocage Double Assembly Video

Variocage Double Mounting Video

Variocage Single Assembly Video

Variocage Single Mounting Video

Video Demonstration on Adjusting the Depth of your Variocage

Adjusting the Top of your MIM Variocage

Step One: Measure the distance between the top panel seam and top panel leading edge (Diagram #1 – Measurement (A)) .

Step Two: Measure the distance between the opposite top panel seam and top panel leading edge (Diagram #1 – Measurement (B)).

Step Three: If Measurement (A) equals Measurement (B), no further adjustment is needed. If Measurement (B) does not equal Measurement (A), adjust Measurement (B) until it equals Measurement (A). To do so, loosen the black knobs on top of cage and adjust until Measurement (A) matches Measurement (B). Once Measurement (A) and Measurement (B) are equal, re-tighten black knobs.

Please Note: If your cage rattles, you will need to compress the top of the cage. To do so, loosen the black knobs on the top of the cage, compress the top of the cage 1/8” to 1/4”, and retighten knobs. Make sure you follow the three steps above after you make this adjustment to ensure Measurement (A) and Measurement (B) are equal.

Variocage Dog Kennel Video Instructions Diagram 1


Adjusting the Bottom of your MIM Variocage

Step Four: Measure the distance between the floor panel seam and the outside leading edge on the left side of the cage (Diagram #2).

Step Five: Measure the distance between the floor panel seam and the outside leading edge on the right side of the cage.

Step Six: If this measurement on the left and right side of the cage are equal, no further adjustment is necessary. If this measurement is NOT the same on the left and right side of the cage, adjust until this measurement is equal on both sides. To do so, loosen the black knobs on both sides of the cage and adjust until both sides are equal. Once both sides are equal, re-tighten black knobs.

Variocage Dog Kennel Video Instructions Diagram 2


MIM (MM) - Ships FedEx Ground from FORT WORTH, TX

  • Note on Shipping*: All Variocages are shipped with Signatures Required. To opt out of a required signature please make a note in your order.
  • Ships same business day if orders are placed by 12pm ET, Monday through Friday.
  • Add transit time based on map:

MIM map

Freight Shipping Information

There is often confusion about how freight works and how lift gate deliveries work. Freight is used when shipments are 120 lb+ or for oversized equipment. Our standard Free Shipping option for freight delivery includes delivery to a Commercial Address and does NOT include a liftgate. If your order is to be shipped freight, you will have the option to specify whether the item will be delivered to a Residential or Commercial address.  If there is no option for Residential or Commercial delivery, then the cost of this is included in the price.

We also recommend adding the optional Liftgate for all Residential deliveries, and any commercial locations without a loading dock.

  • Freight Delivery Location - This option specifies whether the delivery location is a Residential or Commercial address. 
    • Residential - The fact that a business is being operated from a location does not qualify it as a commercial address. Any business being operated from a home, apartment, or other dwelling where people live on the premises is considered to be a residential address. Our freight carrier will contact you to make an appointment before delivery is attempted to a residential address. Residential delivery does NOT include a Liftgate. Liftgates are a separate option.
    • Commercial - These addresses are those defined by our freight carriers and/or zoned by local municipalities as commercial sites. Typically these addresses are zoned as commercial real estate. Most commercial sites have tractor-trailer access and a loading dock.
  • Freight Liftgate - A lift gate is just a hydraulic lift that is attached to the back of a truck that can lower freight to ground level.

    Freight carriers prevent their drivers from assisting with the unloading of heavy equipment other than using a liftgate to ground level.  We highly recommend any delivery address without a loading dock, select this option. However, please know that for certain very long items, such as Kennels over 6' in length, a Liftgate will not be able to bring the entire order down to ground level. Please have the necessary manpower available to receive your items with limited delay to the driver. 

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