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KleinMetall Clever Tank Portable Dog Bath - Large

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Clever Tank – Portable, Collapsible Sealed Folding Tank for Liquids, Solids and Hazmat With an Amazing Variety of Uses.

Originally designed for fast deployment to contain spills at accident scenes in Europe. Clever Tank is flexible, fully sealed and capable of containing liquids, solids, dirt, and debris without leaking or spilling.

Keep your trunk, cargo space, deck, floor, work area and more protected, clean, dry and safe.

Use Clever Tank for boots, hiking gear, camping gear, outdoor equipment, fish, game, debris, liquids and more.

Clever Tank can also be used as a wading pool, ice cooler for parties or even a portable pet bath. The possibilities are endless.

Clever Tank is an ideal solution for any application that requires a portable, rugged and easily deployed containment tank.

Clever Tank can be used for:

Pets, Hiking, Parties, Camping, Athletic Gear, Hunting, Fishing, Contractors, Emergency Services and More …

Test Results Related to Strength & Physical Behavior
With and Without Chemical Substances

Clever Tank Test Results Chart


The integrity of the Clever Tank is 100% maintained and does not suffer any breakdown, failure or damage when exposed to corrosive chemicals for a 24-hour testing period.


Clever Tank Advisory

Clever Tank Advisory

Consistent contact with corrosive chemicals for longer than 24 hours may alter the integrity and strength of the Clever Tank and is not recommended. Please clean and rinse Clever Tank thoroughly after each use prior to long-term storage.

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Crash Test Performance
The German Auto Club tested the AllSafe Harness at their ADAC Technology Centre. Performance was measured against the criteria established in DIN-75410-2 / ECE R-17 and crash tested with a 50lb dog dummy at speeds up to 30 mph.

The AllSafe Harness was also tested by the Test and Research Institute of Sweden and the Swedish Veterinary Office.

The AllSafe Harness was tested by MGA Research in the USA using the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 213 for Child Restraints and crash tested with a dog dummy weighing 75lbs at speeds up to 30 mph.

In addition, the AllSafe Harness was tested using the current Center for Pet Safety interpretation of ideal harness performance. During independent testing performed at the MGA Research Corporation laboratory on 9/27/13, the AllSafe Harness kept a 75lb dog dummy on the seat for the duration of the crash test with a measured head excursion of 32.4." Remarkably, the AllSafe Harness suffered no visible failures, catastrophic or otherwise during testing.

Seat Belt Safety

The purpose of locking retractors in a seat belt system is to provide the seated occupant the convenience of some free movement of the upper torso within the compartment, while providing a method of limiting this movement in the event of a crash.

A seat belt functions to reduce the likelihood of death or serious injury in a traffic collision by reducing the force of secondary impacts with interior strike hazards and by preventing occupants from being ejected from the vehicle in a crash or if the vehicle rolls over.

The goal of the AllSafe Harness is to keep your pet restrained in the event of an accident. This is critical in order to minimize the risk of injury to your pet and human occupants.


AllSafe Guidelines

The AllSafe Harness is intended for use in the rear passenger seat and cannot be used in the front seat! During an independent test performed at the MGA Research Corporation laboratory on 9/27/13, the AllSafe Harness kept a 75lb dog dummy on the seat for the duration of the crash test with a measured head excursion of only 32.4".

Eliminating the tether and feeding the lap/shoulder belt combination through the back of the harness accomplished this. By keeping the 75lb test dog on the seat, the AllSafe Harness improved its performance under the Center for Pet Safety interpretation of ideal harness performance. To reduce the chance of risk or injury, the AllSafe Harness must be used with the seat belt in its shortest position without any slack. This is optimal from a safety perspective.

The AllSafe Harness was tested at MGA Research Corporation without a tether, as shown in the photo below.

AllSafe Tether
The German Auto Club tested the AllSafe Harness at their ADAC Technology Centre using a tether. They measured its performance against the criteria established in ECE R-17 and crash tested it with a 50lb dog dummy at speeds up to 30mph.

Using the AllSafe Tether for several crash test sessions at MGA Research Corporation, the AllSafe Harness and Tether suffered no damage and kept control of the dog.

If you use a crash tested adjustable tether, it MUST be adjusted to 6” or less for optimal safety with the seat belt locked in its shortest position to secure your pet while traveling in a vehicle.

IMPORTANT: A long tether compromises safety and increases risk in a serious accident for all human and animal occupants in the vehicle.

AllSafe Crash Test Safety Video

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