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Hale Simple Security Barrier for Pet Doors

"We just moved and installed 2 Hale pet doors. We had them in our last house. They are extremely well made and hold up very well for years ahead. They are solid and weather-proofed well. Installation was done by a handy-man and had no problems with it. You get what you pay for.....doors purchased at big box pet stores don't even compare!!" - Donna and Olesh

Hale Pet Door - Product #: HL-SIMPSEC-S

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Hale Pet Door Simple Security Barrier

Some of our customers have expressed a desire for many of the same security features of our full sized Security Barrier but in a smaller less obtrusive model. Therefore, the Hale Simple Security Barrier™ is available to be installed directly in front of any size of our pet doors. This option is most effective if you cover the pet door with a dog house, a planter or some other exterior decorative feature.

The Simple Security Barrier is available in three sizes. The small barrier is 11″ wide × 24 ½″ high and works for pet doors up to size "Tall Large". The medium barrier is 14" wide × 29 ½″ high and works with our "Tall Large Plus" and "Extra Large" sizes. The large barrier is 16″ wide and 35″ high and is designed to complement our "Extra Tall Large", "Extra Large Plus" and "Giant" sizes. If a smaller or larger size is desired, custom sizes are also available.

The Simple Barrier is made of the same steel as the steel frame option for our standard barrier and has bars dividing the space between the sides to prevent human access through the barrier. The number of divisions varies depending on the size of barrier you choose. It can also be ordered with a cedar wood facade for a more attractive appearance if it is being used by itself. This cedar facade also makes the simple barrier an excellent wind break in front of the pet door.

It can be screwed into the ground in front of the pet door and make it extremely difficult if not impossible for a human to fit through the pet door. The dog however can fit between the barrier and the house wall and turn to go into the house. The distance you place the barrier from the wall will vary depending on the size of the pet, the size of the barrier, and the size of the pet door. The barrier has pre-drilled holes in each of its four feet and comes with 916″ bolts to secure it to any solid surface material such as concrete or wood. If used on soil or grass, you would need to use tie-downs. However, please note, that unless the flat barrier is enclosed by a dog house or some other exterior feature, the bolts or tie-downs would be accessible. Therefore, if you are not using one of those features, we recommend our standard security barrier instead.

Another excellent use of this product is for keeping a larger dog away from a smaller pet door designed to be used only by cats. Sometimes a dog that is not allowed to use a cat door will see the cats using it freely and attempt to follow them through. They will stick their head into the opening and possibly tear up the pet door flap because they don't fit through. Secure the simple security barrier in front of the cat door (either inside or outside of the house as needed) close enough to the wall that the dog cannot fit between the barrier and the wall. The cats will easily be able to fit between the barrier and the wall to reach the pet door but the dog will be unable to approach the pet door. Order the wooden cover for the flat security barrier to make it more attractive.

We also offer installation instructions for attaching the barrier to the ground. For your convenience we have also provided a brief overview of the product in our downloadable information sheet. For more information or for assistance with ordering a security barrier, please call us toll free at 800-646-4773.  Otherwise, please place your order by answering the two questions below.

Suggested place of front of pet door (smallest model shown):

Hale Pet Door Simple Security Barrier Placement

The security barrier should be centered directly in front of the pet door.  Distance from the wall varies depending on the size of the pet, the size of the pet door, and the size of the barrier.  Take care, however, to install close enough to the wall to make it difficult for a human to fit between the barrier and the wall. (Photos for suggested placement purposes only.  Method of securing barrier not shown as it varies depending on type of base material.)

Questions & Answers

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What size pet door will I need?

Our pet door comes in 11 standard sizes that fit the smallest cat to Great Danes.  We can also make a custom size door if needed.  Refer to the Hale Pet Door sizing guide to help you with your choice. Feel free to call customer service if you need more assistance.

Which model is best for me?

We offer 10 different models of pet door for almost any application imaginable.  What model you need depends not only on your pet but also on the locations you have available for installation.  Our wall model is our most popular model but it doesn’t work for everyone.  See the model comparison chart to view the recommended applications of each of our models.

How does a Hale Pet Door™ work?

Our pet doors are designed to be safe, secure and comfortable for your pet.  Rather than using hard plastic or two pieces of flexible plastic or any tinted plastic, our flaps are made of clear, flexible vinyl that easily swing in or out when your pet pushes on them.  And because our flaps are in one piece, there is nothing for your pet to get caught on as they use the door, even if they change their mind partway through.  The magnets hold the flap securely but still gently enough that your pet should have no trouble opening the door. 

Why do Hale Pet Doors cost more than other brands?

Our pet doors are made with the highest quality workmanship and of the finest materials available.  We use only extruded aluminum framing, pvc vinyl flaps and King Starboard® security covers.  Because these materials are superior, our pet doors are much heavier for greater strength and durability. 

Can I lock my pet door?

Absolutely.  All of our pet doors (except the screen model) come standard with a King Starboard® security cover.  Starboard is manufactured for marine applications and is virtually indestructible.  This cover can be locked into place with our steel positive action pin lock to make your pet door virtually impregnable.

What prevents insects, rodents or other animals from getting inside?

Hale pet doors are designed to seal very tightly.  We use heavy pile weather stripping and strong alnico magnets. Therefore, insects and small animals cannot push their way in through the pet door. Since the flaps are also sealed and do not hang open, larger animals do not see an opening to get started. Most animals need a little conditioning to get used to using a pet door and won’t push against something that isn’t already open.  We recommend keeping all food and water away from the area of the pet door, either inside or outside the house, so unwanted animals are not even attracted to the area in the first place.  If you have further security or animal intrusion concerns, we offer a full line of security products to complement our pet doors.

What color choices do I have?

Our pet doors come in four standard colors:  brushed aluminum (satiny silver color), dark bronze (almost black), Arizona Beige (tan), and white.  The brushed aluminum and dark bronze finishes are both anodized aluminum and the white and Arizona Beige finishes are both hard coat paint for durability.  We can also mix and match the inside and outside frames of your pet door to match the interior and exterior of your home if desired. 

Additionally we have several choices for security covers. Our standard security covers are made of an opaque material and are designed to complement each or our frame colors. (Black with Dark Bronze, Dolphin Gray with Brushed Aluminum, Sanshade with Arizona Beige, and White with White).

For the carpet, white or tan frames will generally come with a brown carpet, and the aluminum or bronze frames come with a black carpet. However, this is based on what we have in stock, and any request to customize the carpet color can delay the order.

Do I have to install my pet door by myself?

With their self framing design, our pet doors are designed to be extremely easy to install.  If you have a basic working knowledge of power tools and home repairs, our doors can easily be installed in most applications by any do-it-yourselfer.  We have also provided installation instructions for download on this website and we have experienced technicians available for free telephone consultation if desired. Of course, if you don’t want to install your own pet door, we have a large network of franchises and dealers across the country who would be happy to assist you. Feel free to call customer service for a reference.

Hale (HL) - Ships FedEx Ground from Canon City, CO

  • Door and Wall Model pet doors take 1-5 business days before we are able to ship.
  • All other models take 5-10 business days to fabricate and assemble before we are able to ship.
  • Add transit time based on map:

Hale Map


LTL (less-than-truckload) Freight is used when shipments are 120 lb+ or for oversized equipment, which results in a truck with a large container delivering your order. Our freight carrier will contact you once your order makes it to the distribution center closest to the delivery address specified, and set up an appointment time for delivery.

Pet Pro Supply Co. Free LTL Freight Shipping - Curbside Delivery

Our standard Free Freight Shipping option for LTL deliveries is curbside, which is to a delivery to a Commercial Address and does not include a liftgate. If your order is to be shipped freight, you will have the option to specify whether the item will be delivered to a Residential, Limited Access, or Commercial address. If there is no option to select a shipping location, then this cost is already included in the price.

We strongly recommend adding the optional Liftgate for all deliveries to locations without a loading dock or forklift.

Freight Delivery Locations

This option specifies whether the delivery location is a Commercial, Residential, Residential Business, or a Limited Access address.

  • Commercial - These addresses are those defined by our freight carriers and/or zoned by local municipalities as commercial sites. Typically these addresses are zoned as commercial real estate or are used exclusively for business. Most commercial sites have tractor-trailer access and a loading dock.
  • Residential - If the address used a residence, select this option. This includes Apartment/Condo complexes and dormitories.
  • Residential Business - Any business being operated from a home, apartment, or other dwelling where people live on the premises is considered to be a Residential Business.
  • Limited Access - Locations where deliveries are restricted, limited, or very far from a distribution center. Examples Include:
    • Place of Worship
    • Restricted Areas - Secure Research Facilities, Military Bases/Installations, Correctional Facilities, Government Buildings
    • Farms, Ranches, and Rural Areas
    • Recreational Areas - Camps, Parks, Fairs, Carnivals, etc.
    • Individual Storage Units
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Freight Liftgate

A liftgate is a hydraulic lift that is attached to the back of a truck that can lower freight to ground level. Freight carriers prevent their drivers from assisting with the unloading of heavy equipment other than using a liftgate to ground level. We highly recommend any delivery address without a loading dock, select this option.

However, please know that for certain very long items, such as Kennels over 6' in length, a Liftgate will not be able to bring the entire order down to ground level. Please have the necessary manpower available to receive your items with limited delay to the driver. 

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