AutoSlide Automatic Sliding Patio Door System - Pressure Activated Electronic Doormat Pet Door Kit

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AutoSlide Automatic Sliding Patio Door System - Automatic Pet Door Pressure Activated Doormat Electronic Dog & Cat Door Kit

The AutoSlide is a DIY automatic Patio Door system that is designed to automate your existing patio sliding doors using a motor and a low voltage DC power supply. Using pressure-activated doormats, the Autoslide doormat pet door kit has everything you need to turn your patio doors into a truly automatic sliding pet door. The two included large pressure mats with transmitters allow your dog or cat to activate the Autoslide system on your sliding patio door to open, so they can go in & out as they please all day long. It is the perfect option for both pets and pet owners for hands-free access to your patio doors. 

This doormat pet door kit is a great option for homes with multiple sized pets and pets who are frequently going outside through the sliding glass door. The large surface area of the doormat sensor ensures that both people and pets will trigger the Autoslide system with only slight pressure. You can set it to just activate in "Pet Mode", where the sliding door will only open to the programmed width of your pet or to be activated in both "Normal Mode" and "Pet Mode."  The two included pressure mats slide right under your doormats and the transmitter mount to your door frame with Velcro. When pressure is applied to the mat, it activates the door with the radio transmitter when triggered. The doormat and pressure mat can be moved to the best method of approach for you and your pet.

The kit comes with two pressure-activated mats so you can activate your new automatic sliding glass door system from both inside and outside. You also have two wall-mounted push-button sensors as an alternative to activate the door. 

Product Features:

  • Turn any sliding door into an Automatic door

  • Pressure Activated doormat sensor allows hands-free access to patio doors for pets and people

  • Doormat sensor easily slides under any doormat

  • Includes 2 Large Pressure activated Mats with radio transmitters

  • Two wall-mounted wireless push buttons

  • DIY installation

  • Pet Mode: Only opens to the programmed width of your pet in this mode

  • Normal Mode: deactivates pet sensor for when you don't want your pets to get out

  • Comes in Black or White

  • Optional Upgrades:

    • Ultimate Bundle - Everything with the standard kit plus 2x Four-button remote controls that allow you to switch between 4 different modes remotely

    • Elite System - AuotoSlide Elite System Motor gives you the extra power you need to automate larger and heavier sliding doors. Includes new software with four dynamic automatic door modes

  • Two Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Autoslide Ultimate Bundle (optional upgrade)

The Autoslide Ultimate bundle has everything the standard kit includes (or Elite kit if chosen with Elite system) and an addition 4-Button remote control. The remote control gives you the flexibility of opening and shutting your sliding glass door remotely, without having to use the wall-mounted control panel of the Autoslide. The remote controls the Autoslide in Normal and pet mode as well as switching between the four modes of the Autoslide system: 

  • Automatic (green light)

  • Hold Open (blue light)

  • Manual (red light)

  • Pet (orange light)

AutoSlide Elite System (optional upgrade)

The AutoSlide Elite motors have a maximum drag weight of 35 lbs, as opposed to the standard AutoSlide motor 12 lb maximum, giving you the extra oomph for those larger or heavier sliding doors. 

Included with the upgrade to the Autoslide Elite system is new software with four dynamic modes:

  • Unsecured Mode (green light) – This mode allows you to use sensors programmed to the Inside or Outside frequency. If you have the iLock feature equipped, the lock will not be engaged in this mode.

  • Stay Open/Toggle Mode (blue light) – This mode allows you to either have your sliding door stay open until the mode is switched or to operate the door in a toggle fashion (push button to open/push button to close). Only sensors programmed to the Inside frequency will work in this mode. If you have the iLock feature equipped, the lock will be engaged in this mode.

  • Secure Mode (red light) – This mode allows you to operate the door normally using sensors programmed to the Inside frequency. If you have the iLock feature equipped, the lock will be engaged in this mode.

  • Pet Mode (orange light) – This mode is designed to be used with Autoslide’s pet sensors. The door width can be programmed to open to a shorter width when activated by a pet sensor. People can still use the door by using a sensor programmed to the Inside frequency and it will open to the normal width. If you have the iLock feature equipped, the lock will be engaged in this mode.


Product Details:

Std. Ultimate
1x drive system X X
1x drive system with Elite Motor
1x Aluminum cover X X
2x Wall Mounted Wireless Push Buttons X X
2x Large Pressure Mats with transmitters X X
1x Low voltage plug-in power pack X
2x 4 Button Remote Controls X
2x 20" racks with assembly kit X
1x Low voltage plug-in power pack X
2x 20" racks w/ assembly kit X
Prod. Code (Black) AS084
Prod. Code (White) AS085


Elite Elite Ultimate
1x drive system with Elite Motor X X
1x Aluminum cover X X
2x Wall Mounted Wireless Push Buttons X X
2x Large Pressure Mats with transmitters X X
1x Low voltage plug-in power pack X
2x 4 Button Remote Controls X
2x 20" racks with assembly kit X
1x Low voltage plug-in power pack X
2x 20" racks w/ assembly kit X
Prod. Code (Black) ASE084
Prod. Code (White) ASE085


Technical Specifications:

Maximum Door Weight: 200 lbs 

Maximum Drag Weight: 

  • Models with Standard Motor: 12 lbs

  • Models with Elite Motor: 35 lbs

Maximum Door Width: 38 inches with included tracks 
Power Supply: 110-240 VAC, 24 VDC Power Pack 
Automatic Lock: Optional Upgrade to iLock Motor
Safety Cut Off: Yes 
Automatic to Manual Mode: Yes


Autoslide Unit:

Weight: 6 lbs

Length: 19 inches (490mm)

Height: 2.75 inches (70mm)

Width: 2.5 inches (65mm)

Pressure Mat:

Weight: 7.9 oz.

Length: 25 inches

Width: 15 inches

2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Autoslide Pty Ltd, the only manufacturer of AUTOSLIDE branded products, warrants their product to the original retail purchaser to be free of material and/or workmanship defects for a period of two years after the date of original retail purchase. During the limited warranty period, Autoslide Pty Ltd or its authorized service representative will repair or replace at Autoslide Pty Ltd’s option, without charge, a materially defective product.

For Full Warranty Details, Download Autoslide's Full Warranty information here.


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