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MIM Dog and Vehicle - Sizing & Measuring

Use the Instructions Below to Determine the Right Variocage for Your Dogs & Vehicles

PLEASE NOTE:Ā If you have any questions at all about measuring or sizing, please Contact Us! We cannot guarantee a return if the incorrect size Variocage isĀ chosen without our recommendations.

Step 1 - Measure Your Dog

Measuring Your Dog

To properly measure your dog:

A. Measure the length of your dog, from the tip of the nose to the rump or base of the tail, then add 3 inches to the measurement. The calculated length should be at or shorter than the Variocage's max length.
B. Measure the height of your dog, from floor to the top of the withers (high spot on the back above the shoulders), then add 3 inches to the measurement. The calculated height should be at or shorter than the Variocage's height.

It is important to measure your dog first before measuring your vehicle. Proper fit for your dog is vital to your dogā€™s comfort and safety. Here are some helpful hints when measuring your dog for a Variocage.

Step 2 - Measure Your Vehicle

The MIM Variocage is suitable for use in Station Wagons, Crossovers, Minivans, Vans, and SUV's. The Variocage is also angled towards the top on both the front and the back of the cage and is adjustable in length so it can fit in a variety of vehicles. The slope of the front and back of the cage is approximately the same as the slope of the backseat of most vehicles.

The roof of the cage is shorter in length than the floor in consideration of the angle of the back seat, as well as the angle of the rear entryway door. Measuring length as indicated above will provide for a proper fit in almost all suitable vehicles. The roof of the cage is also narrower in width than the floor to allow for a proper fit in almost all suitable vehicles.

Proper Technique for Measuring Your Vehicle

Check to see if your car has a raised sill at the rear cargo entrance. If the sill is raised, you should putĀ something flat under the cage so its doors can open correctly. We recommend rigid foam board insulationĀ to minimize interference with your carā€™s crumple zone. The floor of the cargo area should be flat.

You may also use the manufacturer's VehicleĀ configurator below.

Vehicle Configurator

This vehicle configurator is based on European model vehicles which may differ slightly than American car models. Very few American vehicle models are included. You may use this configurator as a point of reference, however we absolutely recommend you double check the measurements of your vehicle to find the bestĀ sized Variocage.

Complete Variocage Dimensions

We may have solutions for vehicles with a shallow depth or a vehicle that has limitations or does not accommodate the best size Variocage for you application. For example:

We NEVER recommend traveling with a Variocage installed improperly.