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SportDOG makes good on the promise "Gear the Way You'd Design it".

SportDOG has made good on that promise by literally designing their products in the field. A concept is nothing more than a concept until you analyze it with challenges like heat, cold, rain, snow, dust, mud, and wind in mind. Every sportsman and woman knows those conditions are an important part of the hunt. So, once SportDOG builds a prototype product, it’s back to the field for rigorous testing with input from everyone on their staff. To them, these field sessions are just another day at the office. And, they’re the difference between products that look good on paper or in advertisements, and those that actually perform the way you demand.

That’s how SportDOG has been operating from the beginning. It must have been what the industry needed, because, just a few short years later, SportDOG is the most recognized brand in the electronic dog tracking and training categories. Their products are known not only for their quality, but also for being the best value for your dollar. Over the years, SportDOG has added to their product lines, offering more variety, but no matter how fast they grow or how large the SportDOG name becomes, they'll never forget their promise to keep making "Gear The Way You’d Design It."