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Rathman & Co
Rathman & Co

Bethany & Brody Rathman started Rathman & Co so they could share their beautiful pet decor with the world. They adopted their dogs Gracie & Pyper at 8 months old and realized quickly that they could not leave them out all day long while at work. They'd come home to torn up drywall, shoes, rugs, and ultimately anything they should not have eaten. Sick of ugly wire kennels that were cluttering their house, they couldn't find a double dog kennel anywhere, so they decided to make it themselves!

Their mindset was to solve a problem by simply making something functional yet decorative for their own home. They no idea what kind of demand people would have for this product. They have since developed even more wonderful products to share with everyone and want to share their Doggie Dens with pet owners across the country.