MIM - Variocage Dog Travel Crates & Barriers

MIM - Variocage Dog Travel Crates & Barriers

The famous crash-tested MIM Variocage & Accessories!

MIM Construction of Sweden has designed, engineered, and manufactured over 350 crash-test-certified automotive safety products. This laser focus has created equipment that is extremely effective at minimizing the risk of serious injury or death for pets.

The famous MIM Variocage is a dog travel crate resulting from decades of experience in auto safety products. They incorporate the same crumple zone engineering principles used by automobile manufacturers to reduce the potentially devastating impact of a serious collision.

MIM Construction AB worked with Swedish government agencies to develop the Safe Pet Crate Test (SPCT). This is now a standard for assessing the safety of pet travel in crates, as well as the safety of human occupants during a collision. No other travel dog crate on the market has passed the strict SPCT crash tests.

MIM makes travel crates for dogs and cats, single or double, in multiple sizes. Get a Variocage or Variogate today, and make traveling with pets a safe experience for both you and your beloved furry friends.

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