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Little Cottage Co.
Little Cottage Co.

Dan Schlabach, the President of Little Cottage Company, had a talent for woodworking. He made playhouses for his children that made their faces light up with smiles, creating special moments and memories for his family and friends.

So in 1999, Dan decided to start the Little Cottage Company, to help other families create special moments like he shared with his. Throughout the years, they have continued to expand their catalog to include a variety of high-quality structures and poly furniture for adults as well as children.

For Little Cottage Co., their structures provide people with the opportunity to enjoy wholesome activities with family and friends. Their hand-crafted structures reflect the dedication, quality, and spirit of their work. Dan's hope is that Little Cottage company's structures will help you enjoy many special moments with those you love and give you the opportunity to create countless memories that will last a lifetime.