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Kats 'n Us
Kats 'n Us

Kats'n Us is a company based out of Oregon. A husband and wife run business, they have always had cats, sometimes as many as 10 at a time. They just seem to follow them wherever they go! Through the years, they have chosen toys for their cats. They found that cats decide which toys they play with depends on the day, the hours, or just because. The part they've figured out is getting the variety of toys in one package. 

After they've figured out what "all in one package" cats would love, they discovered another area of the pet world that needed an "all in one" package, pet travel. Kats'n Us have put together some pet crate packages that make traveling with your pet easier and more comfortable. Their best selling yet is their CR8-2FLY wooden reinforced traveling crates. The best thing is their crates can be for all types of best friends, from dogs to cats!



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574 reviews
Love it

The best dryer I have ever owned. The customer service was even better, I was notified when it came to shipment progress and didn't have to check every now and then. Keep up the great work!!

Hale doors

These are incredibly great doors, been using for years. Had addition done so needed another. Was great I could use amazon account to pay, makes it so much easier to process order.


We installed the Hale pet door when we build our home 13 years ago. It truly is the best dog door I’ve ever seen. So after 13 years of two dogs going in and out all day we needed a replacement flap both inside and out. Now it looks just like the day it was first installed and we are very pleased that we could get the same replacement flap. Great service.

Endemic 3002

This dryer is awesome.

Double MIM Variocage

Awesome product. Our giant breed puppies would alway whine when taking trip in car with regular travel kennels. In the Variocage they are totally silent and go to sleep right away. I think the bumper cover which folds up over the back to block direct sun light also makes a difference as they are not confused when looking out by the trees flying by or other cars behind us.
I erroneously did not order spill proof water bowls nor a large ramp at the time and realized it after the fact. All the equipment is well engineered as you would expect from the Swede’s.