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Kats 'n Us
Kats 'n Us

Kats'n Us is a company based out of Oregon. A husband and wife run business, they have always had cats, sometimes as many as 10 at a time. They just seem to follow them wherever they go! Through the years, they have chosen toys for their cats. They found that cats decide which toys they play with depends on the day, the hours, or just because. The part they've figured out is getting the variety of toys in one package. 

After they've figured out what "all in one package" cats would love, they discovered another area of the pet world that needed an "all in one" package, pet travel. Kats'n Us have put together some pet crate packages that make traveling with your pet easier and more comfortable. Their best selling yet is their CR8-2FLY wooden reinforced traveling crates. The best thing is their crates can be for all types of best friends, from dogs to cats!



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607 reviews

I like the product. Process was a hassle to actually receive it

Rathman & Co Kennel Trays (2 Pack)

Great door that works as advertised

This product far exceeded my expectations. Well engineered, quality build and excellent materials. A lot of thought went into this door. it works. Not too many folks live in a harsher winter area than me. This door works for my 15 year 65 lb lame old dog and keeps the cold out. A lot of money for a dog door but worth every penny.

Excellent dog door

I had my son-n-law install this door (tall large plus).
It took a little over an hour, but he's been using power tools in his line of work so he's experienced.
Dogs seem to be using it a lot and even the cat !

Zinger winger mini G4

So far works great!