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  Free Shipping on orders over $99*   1-855-PET-PRO1 or (908) 989-0066

J Scott Creations
J Scott Creations

We Dream In Color

Why Choose J Scott Creations?

J Scott Creations' mission is to design, build and share custombeautiful, unique, safe, and enduring surroundings for animals.  
They strive to give each client a custom product fitted to their unique situation. Each client has a dream or perfect project in their mind: the perfect size, the perfect color with the perfect design to fit their salon, boarding facility, sporting or showing vision. Their mission is to make that dream a reality.

They truly believe in what they produce. J Scott Creations strives for a quality product that exceeds your aesthetic and design needs. They are constantly pushing for a more beautiful, a more unique, a safer and a more enduring product. To that end, J Scott's fabrication and design process is always changing, and always improving. Their philosophy is what makes working with clients so rewarding; continuously challenging their skills and creative abilities.