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D.T. Systems
D.T. Systems

D.T. Systems has been bringing quality products to the dog training industry since 1983. Their products are designed to withstand the roughest treatment and the toughest conditions. Durability and dependability are things can always be counted on when using any D.T. gear.

D.T. Systems is a company that is passionate about dogs and hunting. That passion has pushed them to develop the finest dog training products available. Many years of research, field experience, feedback from our Pro-Trainers and dog owners just like you, have led D.T. Systems down a path of creating quality products that are reliable and dependable whenever and wherever you intend to use them. Each and every day, D.T. Systems' hardcore Pro-Staff team puts their equipment through some of the toughest conditions imaginable.  Day in and day out, year after year, they depend on our products for a living, where failure is not an option and reliable equipment is a must.

This tradition of quality is balanced by ground-breaking innovations and new “cutting edge” technology. D.T. Systems has led the industry by introducing Digital Microcomputer Technology, as well as intensity levels adjustable from the transmitter, features that are now standards in the industry.  They were the first to offer the Vibration Assist feature, a 360° MAXX-Range Internal Antenna System, and have developed the revolutionary Jump Stimulation feature.