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High Tech Pet Bluefang X-30 5-in-1 Remote Training and Electric Dog Fence Collar

High Tech Pet - Product #: HT-X-30

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The New X-30 Electronic Fence is an all-inclusive system that includes our revolutionary BF-30 Super Collar. The BF-30 is actually 5 COLLARS IN 1! It gives you state-of-the-art containment with remote training, bark control, fitness and activity monitoring and it allows your dog to control High Tech Pet’s Power Pet fully automatic dog doors, Sound Barrier and Yard Barrier sonic fences and the Super Scram Mat. The X-30 also incorporates High Tech Pet’s patented Bluefang technology that allows you to control every aspect of your system from your Bluetooth enabled smart phone or tablet from up to 400 feet. No other electronic or invisible fence comes close to this level of performance and functionality.

Key Features:

  • State of the Art Electronic Fence Technology
  • Pulsed Proportional Stimulus
  • Anti-Run Through Prevention
  • Audible & Visual Wire Break Alarms
  • Waterproof Collar
  • Heavy Duty Solid-Core Ultra-Wire
  • BF-30 Super Collar is 5 Collars in 1
  • 4 Stimulus Modes: Sounds, Vibration, Static Stimulus, & (NEW!) Clicker Training
  • 400 Ft. Range
  • Connect the App on iPhone or Android via Bluetooth
  • App controls unlimited collars
  • Customized Stimulus Intensity & Duration for EACH Dog
  • Wireless Firmware Upgrade
  • INCLUDED replaceable Long-Life Lithium Battery

5 Collars in 1!

  1. Electronic Fence
  2. Remote Dog Training
  3. Bark Control
  4. Fitness and Activity
  5. Control of Power Pet Door, Sonic Fences, & Super Scram mat (Sold Separately)
The X-30 starts off with the best electronic fence technology made. It features High Tech Pet’s unique and proprietary, Pulsed Proportional Stimulus (PPS) system that automatically increases stimulus as your pet moves closer to the boundary wire. This lets your dog decide how much stimulus is enough to make him retreat from the boundary. No other system is as effective or humane. The PPS system provides the best run-though prevention of any electronic fence made. The system includes our BF-30 Super Collar, base station transmitter with ac adapter, 500 feet of high quality, solid copper boundary wire, 50 flags, 3 burial grade wire splices, collar battery and complete installation and training instructions. 
High Tech Pet makes it quick and easy to install your electronic dog fence. Using Yard Staples you can install the wire above ground in a fraction of the time it takes to bury the wire. In a few weeks grass will grow over the wire making your Above ground installation invisible and mowing over a properly installed stapled wire installation is no problem.
For crossing driveways, High Tech Pet makes a convenient driveway crossing strip which can be installed in minutes eliminating the need to saw a slot across your driveway or walk. 
The BF-30 SUPER COLLAR acts a training collar using your iPhone or Android as the remote. The Bluefang app includes a Training Screen that allows you to trigger Tone, Vibration, Static and Click outputs at the collar. The Tone button has a drop-down menu that allows you to quickly select 1 of 6 training tones. Each tone is associated with a command that you define, such as “Sit,” “Stay” or “Heel”. Bluefang dog training follows a simple 3-step process used with any command. In this process you play the tone as you say the command. Then physically manipulate your dog to perform the command. For example, to teach your dog to sit, say. “Sit,” as you play the “sit” tone. Then pull up on your dog’s leash while stepping forward. Your dog will naturally assume a sitting position. Then activate the clicker as you praise your dog and offer a treat. This same 3 step procedure works with any training command. 

The BF-30 also includes vibration and static stimulus used to deter unwanted behavior. When your dog is digging, chewing, jumping or exhibiting other undesired behavior, activate the vibration while sternly saying, “No.” Then redirect your dog with a positive command such as “Sit.” If unwanted behavior persists you may follow the “No” command with a mild static stimulus. The app lets you precisely control both the stimulus intensity and stimulus duration from a painless tactile sensation to more intense correction. Maximum stimulus levels should be used only to stop aggressive or dangerous behavior.


The BF-30 SUPER COLLAR uses advanced bark control technology developed and perfected by High Tech Pet beginning in 1986. No one knows more about how to stop a dog’s barking than we do. The BF-30 uses a microphone to detect barking with an audio synthesizer that can precisely distinguish between barking and environmental sounds. It can also recognize the more urgent intruder and alarm type of barking. If desired you may select “Allow Intruder Barking” that will allow the more urgent barking while it continues to correct nuisance barking. The collar also includes an anti-howl mode that will stop barking and howling. High Tech Pet’s bark control technology uses progressive stimulus that starts out mild and increases in intensity as barking persists. This provides the most effective and most humane bark stopping technique. 


To monitor your dog’s fitness level and daily activity, the Bluefang app starts by showing your dog’s BMI. This is an overall measure of your dog’s fitness. Enter your dog’s breed, gender, weight and height and the app will tell you the current BMI and shows you the ideal weight and BMI for your dog. An accelerometer inside the BF-30 continually records your dog’s motion and sends it to your smart phone. The app will show you minutes of activity for each of 5 activity levels and the amount of calories burned by hour, day, week, month and year. By monitoring your dog’s daily activity, you can adjust daily exercise to get your dog in top-dog shape in no time. 


The BF-30 has a built-in ultrasonic transmitter that allows your dog to operate High Tech Pet's POWER PET® fully automatic dog door, SOUND BARRIER™, and YARD BARRER™ portable sonic fences. Its built-in RF receiver also allows the BF-30 to work with the SUPER SCRAM™ mat that triggers static stimulus at the collar whenever your dog steps on the mat allowing you to protect furniture, trash receptacles and establish other “off limits” areas. 


Only Bluefang technology allows you to reconfigure your collar’s hardware with the latest new features and functions. Each time the app connects to your collar, it automatically checks its firmware. If there is a newer version available the app, the app sends it to your collar, Continually bringing you new capabilities as they become available. 

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