Automatic Pet Feeders - A Busy Pet Owner's Tool To Making Sure Your Pet Is Never Hungry

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Today we are busier than ever and that means that we have to spend more time away from our furry friends than we want to. Whether you are away from home for a long workday, or out of town on a short trip, making sure your pet has food available is a huge worry for pet owners.

Here are two of our favorite automatic pet feeders that you can use to ensure that your pet is never hungry, even while you are not there to feed them.



The Wagz Serve Smart Pet Feeder leverages data from the Wagz Explore Smart Collar to actually recommend the right amount of food for your dog. This allows you to make educated decisions as to the proper amount of food to allow your pet to consume, ensuring that you are not giving them more calories than they need to stay healthy.

Unlike the traditional “dump the food in the bulk bin” pet feeders that you have to constantly monitor to make sure you don’t run out of food, the food box in this feeder is a smart box that allows you to rest assured that there is always enough food in the feeder. Additionally, solving the problem of traditional feeders allowing animals to gorge on food, this food dispenser is programmable, allowing you to specify the exact correct amount of food and the feeder will deliver it at the exact correct time.

Perhaps the most innovative advancement in this feeder is the fact it’s hooked up to an app you can easily use on your iPhone. Use your phone to access the built-in camera and microphone on the feeder and you can interact with your pet while you are away. Make sure they are happy and make sure they are eating properly, putting your mind at ease.


The Smart Feeder by PetSafe was designed by pet parents for pet parents. Like the Wagz pet feeder, this feeder was designed with new technology in mind and works with your Amazon Echo device, allowing you to even do things such as ask Alexa to feed your pet an extra snack.

The feeder keeps track of the amount of food left in the food storage bin and sends you alerts when you are running low. If you subscribe to Amazon Dash, you can even have the feeder automatically order more food for you when you are running low!

Because this feeder is connected to your home’s wi-fi, you have the flexibility of being able to reschedule your pet’s feeding schedule, or make any changes, as needed, no matter where you are, from the comfort of your smartphone.

If your furry little friend is a fast eater, there is even a “slow feed” feature that dispenses meals in smaller amounts over 15 minutes, helping them better digest their food and making them less hungry throughout the day.

Pet Feeders - use technology to help you!

These are some great options out there to help give you peace of mind if you have to spend extended periods of time away from your pet. If you have questions about our automatic feeders or want information on how you can connect these great feeders to your home wifi system or smartphone, contact our customer service team!

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