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Are you looking for the best dog crate that is proven to be an effective transport cage? If yes, worry no more as MIM Variocage is already available on the market today. This is the only crash tested, highly approved, and highly certified dog cage.

The MIM Variocage was tested and proven to be one of the best transport cages for dogs and owners alike. It has also been tested and certified for both rear and front collisions.

This Variocage crash tested dog travel crate outperformed all other types of cages you will find on the market. It even exceeds the safety standards that are applied by some testing organizations. This type of cage is adjustable wherein you can adjust its length to compensate for differences in vehicle cargo areas, a great benefit if you drive multiple vehicles.

These cages do not produce rattling or any unwanted noises. The quality of the MIM Variocage crash tested dog travel crate is incredibly amazing and is designed to last for a lifetime.

Here are some of the high quality features of Variocage which make this dog crate different from other crates to find on the market:

  • Locking doors with an effective gas hydraulic type of motion springs.
  • Built in lock for protection and security.
  • Padlock mounting tabs for additional protection.
  • Emergency rear escape of hatch for added safety.
  • No modification of vehicle is required.
  • Can be easily installed inside a car with its load tested tie down straps.
  • It contains high quality type of powder-coated constructed steel
  • It also contains built in crumple zone.

These are just some of the spectacular features that you can enjoy from having a Variocage crash tested dog travel crate. You already know how effective, safe and convenient it is to use this dog crate.

Why MIM Variocage?

There are several reasons why you need to choose MIM Variocage and some of these are the following:

  • This is the only dog crate that has been tested and proven in both rear and frontal collisions. This means that it can completely offer protection and safety for your dogs.
  • It has its adjustable depth which gives you an opportunity to adjust the depth of the crate for the trunk.  The flexibility of this dog crate is already an advantage than any other type of crates to find on the market.
  • It is lockable with a key with pet owners having the ability of locking their cage using a padlock.
  • This is primarily delivered with the use of a ribbed rubber kind of mat that can be placed at the bottom part of the cage. This is an effective mat which is completely resistant in collecting dirt and urine.
  • This is designed with crumple zones and telescoping poles wherein the crate is protected and safe from accidents.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out the chance of using MIM Variocage. This is especially when you opt to travel with your pet. This is a must have dog crate that you need to purchase today. This is because it adds up to the comfort, safety and protection of your pet.

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